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Make use of your articles with corresponding deals!

As most of you already know and for those of you don't know we have launched a new peer to peer marketplace where you can list your business services and offers on SavvySME.

Just recently we've released a new feature that will benefit our Top Influencers who write an amazing bunch of articles on a regular basis. These are our leaders in business and if you are a top influencer and also have a deal on our site, we are promoting it when people scroll to the end of your article.

Here's an example of how it works for Coaster Group:

These pop ups now appear every time a user reads any article that has been posted by Andrew Snell, founder of

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Hi everyone,

Hope you're enjoying the site.

We're conducting a community-wide survey for you to tell us your priorities for 2014 so that we can better understand your priorities for the year.

We have had good responses so far, but if you haven't taken the survey, please spend a few minutes to get your voice heard. Most questions are multiple choice, so it shouldn't take long at all and it's a great opportunity to help shape the platform for your business.

Take the quick survey here.

Thanks for your help in making the community awesome!

Yours truly,

Phil Khor
Founder, SavvySME

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Let's kick off the new year with a big bang!

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re enjoying a great start to 2014! Just a quick heads up on some of our upcoming initiatives to help you make the most of SavvySME:

1.      New and improved marketplace launching soon

Our goal is to help you discover and save on products and services you need to run your business. With an amazing line up of B2B suppliers and service providers in the community, the new marketplace will make it so much easier for you to access and choose from a great range of everyday discounts and quality offers all in one place. So watch this space! :)

We are also making it easier for sellers to list offers to attract new customers and introducing new sales channels for added exposure. If you are interested in becoming a seller, list your products or services here or know of quality B2B sellers who might be interested, you may 

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Hey guys,

I hope you’ve having an awesome start to the week.

Just a quick note to let you know that we have successfully upgraded our servers over the weekend for a faster, a more responsive, and a much bigger environment for you.

In recent months, our community has grown significantly to a point where we were reaching the limit of what was catered for. We decided it was time for an upgrade, albeit it was much sooner than we had expected, so to improve your experience on the site.

Behind the scene, the team worked tirelessly over the weekend with an abnormally high intake of cold icy beer and Malaysian takeaway in the battle to stay awake. In the end, I think the sleepless nights and red eyes were well worth it! LOL :)

You might notice that pages are loading faster, and more responsive than before. This will further improve the way Google crawls our site, and the experience of thousands of new visitors.....

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As entrepreneurs, risk taking is the norm for us; in fact, the biggest risk is not taking any risk at all!

It seems the rest of the world doesn’t understand us. “Why would anyone in their right mind put so much on the line?” they ask. Sometimes it the loneliest journey one can ever travel on, yet we won’t have it any other way. We'd rather take a pledge of sobriety than to hang up the boots. I get it. Like you, I love the entrepreneurial spirit we share as business owners. But the truth is our attitude towards risk is often a double-edged sword. It’s always the same cycle. We start with a fancy business idea that everyone is going to fall in love with. We think we are infallible!

Then the hustle and bustle begins and there is never enough time. We run around as if we were just stung by an giant angry wasp! There's not even time to scratch an itchy bum, let alone be methodical or structured in our approach to running.....

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