Which websites accept Guest blogs?

Asked by Kate Toon Owner at katetooncopywriter on 9/12/12

Hi, I'm looking to spread my wings into the wonderful world of guest blogging, not really after more work (I have plenty) but I enjoy sharing my knowledge and interacting with other folk.

Any sites you know of that welcome Guest Blogs relating to SEO and copywriting?


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Wendy HuangOwner at SavvySME on 10/12/12
Voted by: Kate Toon Linda Reed-Enever Todd Dewey Sam Spence

Hi Kate!

Thanks for your question, I think there are lots of websites always out for new articles to share with their readers! Sourcebottle is a great place to start looking for guest posting spots. I've done a few articles for Dynamic Business as well, and they seem fairly open to getting new writers providing that the content is of a certain quality. 

We also welcome guest bloggers on our site, and you can submit an article easily by following this link: http://www.savvysme.com.au/article/create  (you need to be logged in) We approve articles within 48 hours and you will get a notification of when it is approved and published.

We want to create a space where small business owners can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and not be afraid to start writing. Our community is welcoming of all sorts of content so there will always be eyeballs on the articles :). 

I'm actually pretty excited, I've managed to get the team here to participate in an internal blogging challenge where we will blog everyday (weekday) for the month of January :)!! We have some new writers here, so it should be a great learning experience - we welcome any members at SavvySME to join us as well, and it's great to get more writing experience (even though you Ms Kate don't need it ;) ) and a great way to share your thoughts in a consistent manner. 

I would love for you to join us and encourage other business owners and freelancers to take on this challenge and grow our comfort zones ;)!!

Excellent thanks Wendy, I'll definitely send some articles your way.

I've had one published on Dynamic Business http://www.dynamicbusiness.com.au/blogs/predicting-the-next-google-algorithm-06122012.html

And have one lined up with Problogger which is exciting.

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Linda Reed-EneverOwner at Media Connections on 12/12/12
Voted by: Kate Toon

Hi Kate Family Capers look for guest posts all the time www.familycapers.com.au we run on a range of topics from Family - Business there if you email content@familycapers.com.au the editors can let you know what issues and topics the are looking for.

Also Media Connections is having a Press Room Competition at the moment so if you are writing releases it could be a good prize for you too http://www.mediaconnections.com.au/blog/item/199-12-days-of-christmas-competition 

Thanks Linda, I'll add those to my list, really appreciate you taking the time to answer.

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Paul GreggBusiness Manager at The SEO Company on 21/12/12
Voted by: Kate Toon

Your welcome to write a guest post on our blog anytime, we only require that the context be related to internet marketing on topics like; SEO, SEM, SMO, Content Strategy and web strategy. you can reach me at paulgreggau@gmail.com to discuss a guest post anytime

Thanks Paul. I'll definitely be in touch.

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Vahe ArabianSEO Consultant at Online Marketing Works on 1/1/13
Voted by: Kate Toon

Hi Kate,

The best way to spread your wings in guest blogging, is to actually prospect and find guest blogging websites.

You can do this a few ways:

1. Create profiles on guest blogger/outreacher websites and pitch there. Here is a link to a top few - http://www.searchenginejournal.com/9-networks-you-can-use-for-guest-blogging-and-blogger-outreach-2/50801/ 

2. Doing guest blog related query searches based on your targeted keyword to find relevant sites. This tool , this tool  and this page  can be of help.

3. Once you refine and find a consistent pattern of new sites/contacts then you can try to see who their influencers are using tools like topsy of followerwonk to find similar website owners.

Otherwise in answer to your question maybe you can mimic Kristie Hines strategy and target the SEO heavy weight sites.

Good luck.

- Vahe

Thanks Vahe, that's really helpful. I've had one of Problogger and have now been accepted as a regular contributor to Flying Solo so pretty busy! Thanks for taking the time to answer

Nice one. When I get time i'll definently look at your posts :)

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Sandy MooreOwner and Online Strategist at Local Online Business Builder on 20/1/13
Voted by: Peter Montgomery Kate Toon

I'd be delighted to have you as a guest over at WhoIsSandyMoore.com Kate.

Have just spent the last hour over at your website.... love your work!!

You'll find all the details at the above link.

This list may be of some use also.....  100 + blogs for Guest Blogging

Thanks really nice of you Sandy... I'll be in touch for sure!

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Rosie ShiloOwner at Virtually Yours on 21/1/13
Voted by: Kate Toon

We are always looking for guest bloggers at www.runyourbusinesslife.com.au - we'd love to hear from you!


Ah this is great, I'm spoiled for choice. Thanks Rosie I'll be in touch.

New link for this is www.harmonyhunters.com.au :)

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Voted by: Kate Toon

Hi Kate! I too accept guest bloggers for our Shelcom Blog.  We write mostly about small business related issues so if these topics interest you and you have something you'd like to write about, I'd love to read it :) 

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Kealey NuttDirector at Eleven & Twelve on 29/1/13
Voted by: Kate Toon Matt Antonino

Are you signed up for Sourcebottle? There are always people looking for contributions and comments in a variety of fields!

Hey Kealy, yep I'm all signed up. That's how I got the Sydney Morning Herald feature. Appreciate your comment.

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Matt AntoninoOwner at High on SEO on 29/1/13
Voted by: Kealey Nutt Kate Toon

Don't forget to sign up for the BloggerLinkUp, which has great blogs in a variety of niches. I used MyBlogGuest for awhile but it's a lot of sorting to find worthy sites to post on.  Worth a look, though.

Thanks for Sourcebottle Kealey - I'll take a look at that. 

No problems! I've found lots of blog writing, interview and feature opportunities via Sourcebottle. Even my dog has been featured in magazines because of link found on Sourcebottle!

Ah well I'm jealous now, I've sent my dog (Pamplemousse) in for loads but he never gets picked :-(

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Chee Chun (Cheech) FooSEO Services Director at White Chalk Road on 29/1/13

One phrase. Go Grouphigh and you'll never go dry. This is quite a under-the-radar service offering but they are rolling it out across the US and slowly in Australia.

It's a fantastic platform for not only discovering guest bloggers but managing workflow processes in the goal of getting that valuable link pointing to your site.  I am currently using it for my clients and lovin' it. Let me know what you think of it!

Cheech is this enterprise level tool?

Given the platform capabilities, it could be said that it is geared enterprise companies or larger agencies looking to reach out to a significant number of guest bloggers at any one time, but I reckon Vahe that even smaller agencies or owners of small businesses can utilise GroupHigh effectively.

Of course, being a new platform there are learning curves and there's that resource commitment needed to both reach out to the people and write the content, so that could be a barrier to smaller businesses considering whether or not to sign up to GroupHigh in the first place.

Cheech it costs 3K a year, don't think this is catered to small business

Totally Vahe, I don't disagree with that, and I do tend to lean towards it being for larger businesses. However depending on the nature of your small business it can still be a justifiable expense.

I know of a ecommerce company based in Perth, they have only 12 staff with a impressive turnover of $6m+. Because online is important to them, and because they spend large amounts of money on PPC and other online marketing channels this is an example where a small business would probably consider using this service to improve their online presence.

With GroupHigh, it helps with productivity and effectiveness in conducting outreach, so to a company who has already been doing manual outreach, this could be a life saver!

Therefore with GroupHigh, and as I have mentioned before, resources and commitment are key necessities and I would also probably add to this mix a cost-benefit assessment of how important outreach would be to your company.

I guess the point I want to finish off with is that I wouldn't discount the service based on its slighter premium price and I encourage people to at least trial it/get a free demo and see for yourself if it really does benefit your business. This is something that needs to be considered on a case-by case basis in the end anyway.

Cheech, fair game. I was just thinking about it from my perspective and potential SME clients that I have come across who would struggle to pay even $1000 for SEO services. All the best in Perth dude.

Cheers Vahe, all the best for you in Sydney too.

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Sharon LatourQueen Bee/CMO at Marketing Bee on 11/2/13

Hi Kate

Happy to announce that we will be accepting new bloggers for 2013 including Savvy SME and many more SME owners. Our new site which you can view here - http://marketingbee.com.au/eweb2/  is going live in one week. I would be happy to have you as a guest blogger. Email me at info@marketingbee.com.au for further details.

Looking forward to our collaboration!

Queen Bee

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Mathew HammondSEO Executive at Agency M on 18/7/13

I don't have any specific websites but, I've had some success with blog outreach by using different variations of Google search parameters.


Google Search: inurl:guest AND inurl:post + "Keyword"

Google Search: inurl:guest AND inurl:blog + "Keyword"

Hope that helps ;)


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