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Google Plus Account: Crucial Things to Consider

Google Plus is NOT just another social media site. For a business, to have a Google Plus...

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Promoting your business with a limited budget

I often get asked the following questions… What is the difference between Public Relations,...

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Your 30-Minute Way to Success In Social Media

We all know how important social media and online marketing is, especially in this increasingly...

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Some common themes impacting small business.

This discussion is not so much about copywriting, although effective business communications is...

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QuizzaMe - the entertainment revolution

Tell us about your business? QuizzaMe creates memorable events ( Pens...

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Suffering From Marketing Overwhelm?

Are you drowning in marketing ideas and making little progress across all platforms? Should you...

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4 Top Tips for Acing Your First Business Trip

Business trips sound fun only from the first sight. But when you think of it, there are a lot of...

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Old, blind or past it?

Old, Blind or Past it?Marketing in 21c Now before you leap to your key pads in a denouncement of...

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Top 10 hiring mistakes – #3 – position description failures

At the time when you want to put your role to market, your aim is to attract the best candidates,...

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Marketing mistake #7 | you don’t use effective headlines in your marketing pieces

Think about how you read the daily newspaper. If you’re like most people, you read by using a...

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What to do when your best employee resigns?

Your week is going well. In fact all in the business seems to be going well when your best...

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Is Your Post Ready to Be Published?

So you have written many blog posts and you are proud of them. That sounds great but how many of...

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Mind mapping: let it work for you.

MIND MAPPINGSome of us think better in pictures etc. Before thinking through a big idea, I...

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How to purchase insurance for your business

Insurance is complicated. Honestly I don’t blame you for being confused... There’s no consistency...

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23 Ways to Help You Improve Poor Cash Flow

Positive cash flow is crucial for any business’s financial success. If your cash flow is in a poor...

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5 Things You Must Do Before Applying for Finance

Given all the various finance options available and the complex matrix of requirements associated...

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How to validate your crazy business ideas for under $100

  Am I crazy or creative? Everyone has thought of a great idea for a product/service, and you're...

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LinkedIn Profile Changes You Need To Exploit

With over 3 billion searches being carried out on LinkedIn every month, your profile is...

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