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Why do we Procrastinate? ......Well, I’ll tell you tomorrow!!

Procrastination is a problem for the sufferer, it’s a problem for business and it can ruin cohesive...

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Suffering From Marketing Overwhelm?

Are you drowning in marketing ideas and making little progress across all platforms? Should you...

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Why Your Winning Strategy Needs to Come from Finance

When it comes to making corporate strategy the more informed the board is the better decisions they...

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Keeping Your Business: Reinvigorate Your Passion

With the change of seasons and the recent Super Moon overhead, are you as passionate about your...

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Rugged Computing

Would it be great if you only need one tool for work? One tool that allows you to work in the office and out of the office. Rugged Computing specialized in rugged computers that allow you to do just that. We provide full Windows PC in a form of a tablet or smartphone or laptop that you can bring...


Mental dexterity. 3 things that emotionally strong people do

A hidden driver of high performing individuals is their mental dexterity or emotional...

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Protecting Digital Assets

Introduction In an increasingly digital world and business environment, protecting your digital...

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Busting some of those cyber security myths

How secure do you think you are when you are using the internet?  Even if the answer is “very,” you...

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How to prepare your business for the busy season

Whether it is the pre Christmas period, the beginning of the school year or even the summer,...

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So you're thinking of importing from China?

Good on you!  We all know China's a huge country with thousands of factories making everything from...

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What's the difference between business name and company registration?

This topic is our most popular blog post and the most frequently asked question at Shelcom...

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7 Reasons Why You Need To Launch Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand will stay with you, while your company brand may not. Today’s business world...

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Evolved Sound

When you need to reduce telephone hang ups, maximise communication opportunities in your store, and receive strategic marketing advice, Evolved Sound delivers results. We tailor radio stations for business, helping you build customer relationships, increase sales and sound fantastic. Our key...


Giving to your community

I think this is the action that small business are guilty of violating simply because time is money...

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Lightbox Ads

It seems that Google is updating its policies, interface and features each and every week! Just...

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My Story: "I Never Sit Still for Very Long..."

It all started when a friend dropped in to suggest we use my technical skills and his "gift of...

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9 Tips on How to Create an Online Store Without Spending a Fortune

Product? Check. Strategy? Check. Online store? Well… Thanks to the technological advancements, you...

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What insurance does a home business need?

So you’ve decided to start a business from home, fantastic! You get to work in your dressing...

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Tips for building a successful digital marketing business

  Tell us about your business? Reload Media ( are one of Australia's...

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Personal branding - it's more then what you think it is

I want to share this article with you all because it's probably one of the best personal branding...

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