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The Impact of Resignation

When you hear the word "resignation" whether you are an owner of an SME or manager of a large...

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Back to Basics: AdWords Quality Score Made Easy

More often than not, I get asked by clients about the quality score of their Google AdWords...

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My Story: From Professional Musician to Successful Business Owner

By Lisa Ormenyessy of Straight Talk Group   Before I tell you what I do, let me tell you why I...

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Why do I need a manual to tell my staff what to do?

What is your learning style? Do you learn by reading instructions?  By seeing pictures or...

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Why you should send your workers home

 It’s a beautiful 30 degree day in sunny Melbourne, and I’m enjoying the light breeze out on my...

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Top 10 Demons to Face When Starting Up a Business

Starting up a new business is like sailing off on a new adventure. A lot of your future is...

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9 Bookkeeping Habits That Will Improve Your Bottom Line

Having a great business idea in mind and the motivation to start it is not enough to succeed in the...

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Clear Path Commercial Consulting

Our services are designed to meet the needs of organisations that would normally consider professional commercial advice to be out of their financial reach. We pride ourselves on being one of the only consulting firms whose services are in reach of any business. Specifically we work with our...


My Story: The Truth of What I Was Running From

I’m not certain when the tides shifted. I don’t even know if I’ve ever really come up for air in...

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When Should You Ask For Help With Cash Flow?

At which stage do you accept that without a cash injection your business is probably doomed?...

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10 tips to organize a successful business meet

10 Tips to Organize a Successful Business Meet What do you do to ensure that the business meet...

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Content Creation: Where to look for inspiration

Aside from finding time, coming up with ideas for content is probably the biggest barrier to...

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Exploring Main Stream Marketing Opportunities But Focusing On One Only

You'll discover that you are exposed to unlimited income opportunities when you get involved with...

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5 Tips to Implement Your Business Plan Effectively

Writing a business plan is truly difficult but using it is even harder. If you have a clear-cut...

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Bad Clients Will Steal Your Soul.

Bad clients will steal your soul. Clients – our reward and our honey (yes I do love bee-related...

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How to turn time into money

Time management for entrepreneurs is an often misunderstood concept that when grasped will change...

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3 Ways on How to Best Grow a Long Term Client Base

Growing a long term client base is the key of operations in every business whose job highly depends...

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How to Increase Your Income with these 3 Options

If you are one of those savvy workaholics who can't do only one thing and wants diversity in work...

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How To Reach Industry Rockstar Status

Want a remarkable business? More leads? More clients?.. Time to be a rock-star. Over the past 8...

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