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Question about Google Search: To Google or Not to Google Yourself

A common problem that comes up in the day to day running of many digital accounts is when clients...

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Life as corporate refugees

Tell us a bit about your business SavvySME is a brand new social platform for Australian small...

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We are not insolvent! ..... Are You Sure?

Sometimes when I talk to clients about insolvency it is a bit like talking about death. They just...

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The Location Independent Work Style - Traps for New Players

For three years I have been working solidly to create a work style that allows me to be productive,...

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Intrapreneur To Exitpreneur

So how does one go about making the leap from an intrapreneur to an entrepreneur? The complicated...

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Interview with Kealey Nutt from Eleven & Twelve

    Kealey Nutt Kealey Nutt is a Digital Media Producer, and the Director of her own SME. From...

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5 steps in building your social media strategy

The internet has redefined how people do business. Efforts for traditional marketing have been...

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Clear Path Commercial Consulting

Our services are designed to meet the needs of organisations that would normally consider professional commercial advice to be out of their financial reach. We pride ourselves on being one of the only consulting firms whose services are in reach of any business. Specifically we work with our...


I had been touched when I did not invite such intimacy in the workplace

Have you ever had a manager or a co-worker cross the Employee/Employer line with sexually...

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Over responding, versus overreacting

Over responding, versus overreacting By over responding, instead of over reacting, you...

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What does your shop front say about you?

If any of you have read my articles previously you will realise that I try to relate to real things...

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Is Your Hobby A Business?

With the growing popularity of social commerce websites such as or even the accessibility...

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The 12 Challenges Of Building A VIP Team: Hiring The Right Individuals

In my recently launched book, The VIP Principle, I speak about the twelve challenges of building a...

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Doing your own pr is worth it

Ok…so today you have to train a new employee, do the banking, work out why the new accounting...

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5 tips for successful business development

5 Tips for Successful Business Development 1. Business Development Is Not Increasing...

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Why You Don’t Need Funding To Get The Wheels Turning

A lot of entrepreneurs are demotivated to start their implementing their great ideas because they...

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Are You Too Busy to be Well?

Are you too busy to be well? As a small business owner you love having the freedom of being your...

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How to Build the Best Company Culture

Every company likes to think they have a great culture but ask the leadership to pin down precisely...

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How To Build Rapport On The Phone – 10 Key Steps To Success

At a recent sales conference, I took notes as the keynote speaker argued that our words account for...

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