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Cash is King! 7 Tips for cashflow management

For any business, survival depends on continued positive cashflow. In difficult economic times the...

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Outsourcing Essentials 4 - Specifications

Once you have evaluated and selected a preferred supplier for your manufacturing requirements and...

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What does a woman know……?

Quite a lot actually! My offensively sexist headline was used as a “hook” to encourage you to...

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Are You Too Busy to be Well?

Are you too busy to be well? As a small business owner you love having the freedom of being your...

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How to find the right audiences for Facebook Advertising

Facebook knows all about the behaviors of people and can show your advertisements to the right...

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What are the Benefits of Marketing Automation?

Automation is now an inseparable part for the operations of almost every single business out there....

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Questions to ask before you consider buying property in a SMSF

I have had a lot of enquiries lately for advice on SMSF loans for property investment and we have...

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I Sell Words

I sell words because my words sell! My name's Tom Valcanis and I'm here to supercharge your business with engaging, clear and compelling copy. I cater to a wide range of industries, audiences and clients. My words sell your products and services. From websites, SEO, brochures, flyers, sales...


Life as corporate refugees

Tell us a bit about your business SavvySME is a brand new social platform for Australian small...

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We Know We Shouldn’t Do This Yet We Still Do!

Earlier this week I was visited by an uncle of mine from Melbourne. He is a highly successful...

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How to DIY with Cloud Accounting Systems

Every business, regardless of their state of progress and size should keep accounting...

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What is one question you can ask to eliminate price as an objection and open up an opportunity?

By Gregory Ferrett The most commonly asked question by business owners and sales people is "How...

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Is Cash Pouring In Or is It Just A Trickle?

As many of you who read my blog last week know I was on holiday in Fiji, a place that I can relax...

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Branding State of Mind

Regardless of whether it's the Stone Age or Digital Age, or what type of business you run --...

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6 LinkedIn Hacks That Will Grow Your Network Instantly

Though many LinkedIn users are only drawn by the prospect of landing a job, there are plenty of...

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Grow your Dental Practice with Management Software

Running a dental practice is not an easy job and there are several ways that you can satisfy your...

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How to create great product listings on Shopify using a CSV spreadsheet

Whether you are bringing your products online for the first time or have an existing online store,...

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10 most common excuses heard from end users

In the business world, people seem to find the most bizarre reasons for calling the ICT...

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Small-business clients: the good, the bad and the ugly

Small businesses collectively add up to big business, with about 2 million of us in Australia....

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