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Is Cost Cutting Now Costing Your Business Later?

In business and in life, there are two kinds of people. A folder or a scruncher. Pasta twirler or...

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How to Do a SWOT Analysis on Your Entrepreneur Self

Every business has its strengths and weaknesses, as well as its opportunities and threats. Those...

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Someone Said Old School Marketing Is No Good? Total Lie

​​Newest trends in marketing have taken over the old school and experts often give up the outdated...

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How To Get Your Money Faster - Without The Hassle

Get Paid Sooner & Boost Your Cash flow Today’s strategy is a no-brainer, but one that can...

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Up Close And Personal

Let me cut to the chase, using video in your business is important. That probably isn't a...

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Product Validation: How to pre-sell

Before you invest all your time and money into a product, build an audience that would be...

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Business Brokers: Who They Are And What Do They Do?

As a business person who wish to buy or sell a business, you might be wondering if it’s really good...

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10 of The Best Copywriting Tools – For Free (or Very Cheap)

As a small business owner, you know how important first-rate copy is to your business. Your...

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Understanding Your Balance Sheet

In order to understand how our business is tracking, we need to be able to read our Balance Sheet....

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Staff Management Within The Mining Industry

Staff management is very central to the progress of any industry. This is because apart from the...

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Fourzero Baby Wear Hero

        Tell us a bit about your business? Fourzero newborn essentials are ethically...

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Happy Mother's Day! Elise Easdown of What's On 4 tells us her story

Elise Easdown is the owner and director of What’s On 4 Australia. She lives in Brisbane with her...

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How Australian Retailers Can Benefit from Amazon Stores

Amazon is coming to town this season. Or more specifically, Amazon is already in Australia and is...

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Promoting your business with a limited budget

I often get asked the following questions… What is the difference between Public Relations,...

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How to Free Up 2 Hours a Day as a Busy Entrepreneur

Sparing two hours in a busy workday is possible for entrepreneurs if they employ time-saving tips...

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Who Else Wants To Make Great Decisions?

Tell us about your business? is an online comparison website for Australian...

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How to Build the Best Company Culture

Every company likes to think they have a great culture but ask the leadership to pin down precisely...

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How to Foster Better Customer Loyalty Using Social Media

How to Encourage Better Customer Loyalty Using Social Media A rule of business has always been...

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