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Bootstrapping – does it make you a better entrepreneur?

Following of form my article earlier this month What have I learnt from bootstrapping my latest...

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10 tips to a killer profile image

Who likes to do business with a light blue speech bubble? Certainly not me! However I look around...

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An engineer and the balloonist

  A man is flying in a hot air balloon and realises he is lost. He reduces height and spots a man...

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Where does your business belong (a marketing dilemma)?

A great business and a great marketing strategy still need to fit together to reach the people...

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Small business advice: finding it, taking it, knowing if it's right

Utilising the knowledge of others is an essential skill for any business owner - you just can't do...

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Boost Creativity by Not Working

A cup of coffee, lights down, music on - it's time to get that creativity flowing and work. This is...

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The power of communication

And……..How-to-become-a-great-communicator Often after first drafting a speech or an article I...

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Top 5 Qualitative Market Research Techniques

Qualitative market research is a powerful tool to plumb the depths of new territory and discover...

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eCommerce Tips & Tricks

More and more I’m seeing eCommerce businesses starting up and taking off. In my job as a digital...

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Minimum Order Quantities - 'it depends'

All factories have a minimum order quantity.  If you want to order more, there’s no problem, but if...

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10 Things to Know When You Hire an SEO Expert in Australia

What is the SEO or the Search Engine Optimization? Why is it important for your business' online...

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Cyber Security - Is Orwell’s Vision Coming True?

I recently watched the newest revelations about the NSA from the ABC Four Corners...

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7 Tips to Help You Choose Your Small Business Software

The era of fast growing tech world changes the game for pretty much all businesses. In order to...

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Things to consider when buying online advertising

Display Advertising Buying ad space from websites help increase traffic and brand awareness....

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Small Business Planning: the Why, What, When and How. (Part 1 of 6)

Consulting is an interesting profession, not least because you are granted permission to look where...

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Cost cutting ideas for your small business

A large number of small business operators are faced with the challenge of coming up with ways to...

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How to boost employee productivity within your company?

Keeping the employees happy and productive is the key factor leading to the overall growth of the...

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Dealing with debt collectors: the simple how-to guide

More and more Australians are finding themselves fighting a daily battle with debt. If you owe...

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