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Export - What is a Certificate of Origin?

If you an Australian company looking to take advantage of the newly negotiated Free Trade...

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How to Help You Monetise Your Website or Blog Content

It’s no secret that the use of websites and blogs has increased in the recent years of the digital...

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Do you pay for your social media?

For those who have been working with Facebook in terms of their social media for a lengthy period...

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How to Prevent Your Knowledge From Becoming Ignorance

Do you ever feel like you're "smart enough?" This is a dangerous place to be. There are several...

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Your mother didn't know, so she couldn't teach you

Some of the stuff your mother told you is wrong. There is much wisdom in treating all your...

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The Art and Science of Leadership

The recent discovery of a leadership gene has reignited debate around the historically popular...

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New Business Idea: Workspace As A Service (WaaS)

Do you know that of Australia’s 2.1 million SMBs, almost 15% fold annually? Alarmingly, that figure...

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3 Tips to Use Blogs for Your Personal Branding

Having a blog is very important to help your personal branding, purpose, and establishing yourself...

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Phil Khor Interview - SavvySME, Episode #48 On The Peter Montgomery Show

The Peter Montgomery Show Episode #48 Today on the show: Phil Khor is the Founder and Director of...

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It's okay to make mistakes with your brand

Songkran in Thailand is New Year and it is celebrated every April. Songkran comes from the Sanskrit...

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6 Reasons to Write a Business Plan

Regardless of your expertise in the business and corporate world, writing a business plan before...

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Why I scrapped our 1st website within 6 months

In order for to best describe this story - I need to explain to you how I started my business. Long...

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What the heck is content?

If you’re in business you have probably heard somebody say “you have to produce content”.  It’s...

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6 Tips for Start-ups Wanting to Take Advantage of the Free Trade Agreement to Source from China

With the signing of the free trade agreement (CHAFTA) there is a big opportunity for Australian...

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5 Steps to Successfully Implement Your Cashflow Plan

Having and implementing a good cashflow plan means that you’ll have a clear understanding of what...

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How do we protect our children when we don’t understand cyber space ourselves

Technology has changed the world.  From cloud computing to GPS, from tablets to mobile apps, we...

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Staff Management Within The Mining Industry

Staff management is very central to the progress of any industry. This is because apart from the...

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Competition - the three sided coin

There are different camps when it comes to how business owners think of competition. I’m very...

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