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5 tips to help keep your business out of the dark

Running a business successfully for does not guarantee that the good times continue in the...

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True colours, why my foul mouth makes my biz more money than anything else!

I have a confession to make. Actually if you know me you will laugh, because it is hardly a...

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How much should my small business spend on marketing?

  Norma put down the phone in shock.  She'd just been talking to the sales rep at one of the...

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Why Your Online Retail Store Needs A Social Media Strategy

How important social media for your business? How to stand out of social media noise? What are...

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What's the difference between business name and company registration?

This topic is our most popular blog post and the most frequently asked question at Shelcom...

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How to Use CPA Bidding Like a Pro

Conversion Optimiser (CPA or Cost Per Acquisition bidding) is a bidding tool which lets AdWords use...

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Just Listen To Me. Fix It & Make Me Feel Special! Ignore At Your Peril!

The last couple of months have been very frustrating. We are partners with MYOB and over the last 4...

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Want to attract the kind of client best suited for your expertise? You may need more distinctive positioning. Steve works with service-based businesses that have trouble getting the right message to the right people. You may be stuck talking about what you DO (the process), instead of what...


Crowdfunding For Your Startup: Your Best Option

If you are starting a new business but don't have the funds in your pocket, neither you have the...

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Are you Feeling the 7 Year Business Itch?

As the CEO you may question the journey you are on at times, wondering if you have sold out...

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Explain Your 'Why' ... or Your Market Will Assume the Worst

Your Market Wont Give You the Benefit of the Doubt. Explain Your “Why”.. or your market assumes the...

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3 Ways To Leverage LinkedIn Groups for Business Development

Once you have created an optimised LinkedIn Profile that is rich with keywords and highly...

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Virtual reality: how to build culture when your team are a bunch of avatars

Often the most successful start-ups and small businesses begin with a pipe dream; microscopically...

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Not Another Goal Setting Session, Dammit!

Ever felt like this? Goal setting is mostly born out of a healthy discontent for the present. ...

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Grow Your Business Beyond $150K Using These Methods

Growing your professional service business to generate more revenue is a difficult task to achieve...

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5 ways to fall in love with your business again

It's Valentines day, a day where you spend your time with loved ones and partners and spoil them...

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My Story: I Come First - My Business Comes Second

I am an entrepreneur who has set up 8 businesses, selling two of these, currently running three...

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The essence of time management

  “Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.” Peter F. Drucker How do you rate on...

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Power up your PR! Now packed with even more nutrients and juice.

PR releases are so boring. I find them to be as depressing as financial statements. To me, the term...

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