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Learn From these Brands to Nail Your Mission Statement

What is a mission statement and do you need it as a business owner or not? What's the secret behind...

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Virtual reality: how to build culture when your team are a bunch of avatars

Often the most successful start-ups and small businesses begin with a pipe dream; microscopically...

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Is branding necessary? Can branding be replaced for service-based businesses?

Forget branding. Unless you sell soap. Or cornflakes. Or petrol. Businesses; services;...

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Best Marketing Practices for Restaurants

When it comes to your marketing strategy, there's really no difference which field you operate in....

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Top 10 Demons to Face When Starting Up a Business

Starting up a new business is like sailing off on a new adventure. A lot of your future is...

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Wordpress popularity doesn't assure you of a strong CMS platform

Irrespective of whether you are a small or large business owner using Wordpress as your web CMS...

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What Makes Part Time Businesses Such a Lucrative Option?

While some prefer to take up an 8 to 10-hour job at an office, there are others who prefer working...

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SponsoredLinX is Australia's leading online marketing agency, boasting specialist teams dedicated to the areas of AdWords, SEO, Web Design, Social Media Marketing and App Marketing. Currently addressing the online marketing needs of over 2000 clients SponsoredLinX pride themselves on delivering a...


How to get the edge with your productivity

It’s not the amount of hours we work but the value we bring to those hours. We can learn to...

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IP Protection is like playing Poker (mostly)

What I am really trying to say is when it comes to manufacturing offshore there is a lot to be said...

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Building Wealth In The Gig Economy

Let's talk about the gig economy. What's that? For whom? Gig economy gives you greater flexibility...

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Why is my social media not working?

This post is part of our January blog challenge , to join in, simple post a blog a day for the...

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When Should You Ask For Help With Cash Flow?

At which stage do you accept that without a cash injection your business is probably doomed?...

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Divergent Lenses

Have we lost our sense of imagination or just how to properly use it? I propose that we...

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Re-defining the super woman

From our bra-burning ancestors to the new breed of mum-trepreneurs taking the internet by storm,...

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Employees Are There to Make You Money - Thousands of Dollars In Fact

We sometimes forget this. The only reason I have a team of people is because I think I will make...

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True colours, why my foul mouth makes my biz more money than anything else!

I have a confession to make. Actually if you know me you will laugh, because it is hardly a...

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Your customers, their amygdala and the tale of the sabre-tooth tigers.

~~There is a small almond shaped region in our brains, called the “Amygdala”. It is one of the...

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The quickest way to expanding market share

There are a handful of tactics companies can employ to increase market share. But first, let’s...

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