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7 top strategies for getting stuff done

The saying goes that if ever you need something done give it to a busy person. You can be assured...

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Top 10 hiring mistakes - #4 - on-boarding stuff-ups

Let’s get these statistics out there straight away: candidates / new employees who do not have an...

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Website Traffic: How to Turn That Light Green!

A great website is one of the most important investments business owners make in the current...

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8 Success Tips to Planning a Business Conference

Planning a professional business conference can be demanding. Planning ahead, using a timeline and...

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6 Benefits of Customised eLearning for Corporate Training

Giving your employees the right e-learning solution is more or less like going to shop for...

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How To Leverage Deep Localization and Matrix Packaging

What is Deep Localization? Most companies I work with initially view localization in a limited...

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Things you need to know when starting an e-commerce website

We've complied a list of things you need to know to help you get started with an e-commerce...

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I Sell Words

I sell words because my words sell! My name's Tom Valcanis and I'm here to supercharge your business with engaging, clear and compelling copy. I cater to a wide range of industries, audiences and clients. My words sell your products and services. From websites, SEO, brochures, flyers, sales...


3 Tips to Help You Increase Engagement on a Budget for Non-Profits

Any industry, regardless of the cause and initiative of its campaigns, needs to provide exposure...

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iOS vs. Android - Which camp are you? The Tech Wrap

If you ask a group of people whether they belong to the Android or iOS camp, you’ll find it’s a...

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9 tips for selecting cloud accounting software

Moving to a cloud platform is no longer a privilege but has become a necessity to stay productive...

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The 6 pack abs you need to succeed in your business and career

Everything is about branding today. Whether you are in the corporate world, whether you are an...

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Free Money: How To Get Your Hands On Government Grants

Oh, to be a kid again. It might be the only time in your life free money existed. Sure, you might...

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The way employment is managed has evolved

Employment management has evolved rapidly in the past few years. Its changed so much in fact that...

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Fake Social Proof - Buying Followers & More.

I have been meaning to publish this post in a long time but got busy doing all sorts of other...

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Got a Business to Grow? Here's What You Need to Do

Online marketing is a game changer for today's digital world - regardless of the industry and niche...

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How to Foster Better Customer Loyalty Using Social Media

How to Encourage Better Customer Loyalty Using Social Media A rule of business has always been...

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List of 5 plumbing spare parts every DIY guy must have at home

We’ve all been there. Sunday afternoon, relaxing in front of the telly when wifey screams from...

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The Four Types of Project Management Risks

Every project manager needs to understand how to minimize risks that can hinder the successful...

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