Melbourne Business Owners....Want to Date?

If you are a proactive and driven business owner – living in Melbourne - I want to meet you! I am... read more

Neil Steggall
Neil SteggallPartner at Wardour Capital Partners
Hi Lisa,A great post and a great idea! I would enjoy catching up over a coffee and taking time to discuss possible synergies. Tuesday of next week would suit me and I am happy to meet wherever suits you.In addition to my SSME profile you can find me on or LinkedIn.Cheers,Neil.
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How do you go about finding & choosing a VA, given that I don't have abundant time to keep trying people?

To find one that clicks? Sub question - what circumstances/services would you consider enough of a... read more

Monika Newman
Monika NewmanVirtual Secretary/Personal Assistant at Absolutely Virtual
There are many VA organisations out there that you could connect with who can help you target the VA who has the skill sets that you require. Many VAs specialise in particular areas, e.g., Social Media, Copyrighting, Formatting, Author's Assistants etc. so if you can get very clear in what areas you need assistance you will be able to narrow down the field. Many VAs have testimonials on their LinkedIn profiles/websites from existing or previous clients based upon particular tasks that they have undertaken and excelled at.You could also try asking other business owners if they have any recommendations because many VAs are also sourced by word of mouth.The VAs' locality may also be important to you, although VAs for the most part work virtually there may be times when you need to have face to face strategy sessions.
Sandra Wright
Sandra WrightOwner at AdminWorthy
Hi Janine,As a Virtual admin and events coordinator myself, the best ways to try and ensure you find and keep the right VA is either by another business referring them to you or doing reference checks on them with their existing clients (just like you would do a reference check when hiring an employee).Also its ideal if possible to provide the VA with small amounts of work to start with and if you are happy with them, then gradually increase their workload/responsibilites.
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Does anyone have a sample partnership agreement (Word format) that they can share?

Hi Kellie,As others have suggested, getting advice from a solicitor experienced in business matters is your best and safest choice. Second best if you are short on funds is to use Australian law websites to get Australian documents. Two you can check out are Lawpath and LegalVision.
Kirsty Fox
Kirsty FoxPrincipal at Spitfire Solutions
Hi Kellie,I don't, and I would still suggest you see a solicitor/lawyer to work out the nuts and bolts.Good luck!
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As a startup, how do you build a relationship with a Japanese large corporate?

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How do you choose the right business partner?

Going into business with the right business partner can be truly rewarding, but only if you pick... read more

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Phil Khor
Phil Khor Founder at SavvySME
Apurv Bhalla CPA
Apurv Bhalla CPAAccountant at Success Tax Professionals
I have experienced in past that partnerships only work when the partners have different and defined roles to perform in the organisation. This reduces the chances of any arguments. If every partner tries to work on similar tasks then work becomes very hard. Thus partners need to be patient, has business acumen and be able to understand extent of their roles as well,
Lisa Ormenyessy
Very carefully!
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Do informal business alliances really exist?

Are you aware of any examples of successful informal business alliances? What did they look... read more

Asked by:
Hi Leo, we have some informal alliances in WSI. We have struck these alliances with businesses in affiliated OHS/WHS businesses offering complementary services, such as Jim's Test & Tag, Risk Smart Insurance, Detector Inspector among others. These businesses can offer services to our customers and we are happy to refer them on the basis that we know they will offer the level of service we expect. We also receive a significant number of referrals from accountants, lawyers and business advisors who have clients who need an inexpensive but comprehensive solution to OHS/WHS. For me, these work better unofficially, provided you partner with businesses who you know will impress your clients and edify you through the referral.
Lisa Ormenyessy
Hi Leo, We have a number of successful informal business alliances.  What do they look like?  Our alliances are business owners that can add value to our clients.  They share the same values and ideologies as our consulting business; Straight Talk Group, and value relationship above all else.  How do we maintain and encourage them?  Every 6-8 weeks we hold a not networking 'get together'.  Basically its a casual BBQ where clients and alliances can come for 5 minutes or 3 hours and just hang out and say hi.  It is a 'getting to know you better' scenario, and despite intentionally having it as a 'not networking' magic happens.   I hope this helps.   Warmly, Lisa
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Business partnership

When Is It Appropriate to Ask for a Favor?

Building deep referral relationships is almost completely dependent upon the social capital more

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