Are there any government grants for female business owners?

Female business owners can apply for any Government Grant in Australia. Gender is not a determining factor for eligibility or awarding the grant.
Jef Lippiatt
Jef LippiattOwner at Startup Chucktown
Here in the United States we do have a variety of grants for related business owners.The categories for grants are typically:FemaleMinorityFemale & MinorityMilitary Veteran (male or female)Non-profit business sectors
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Where do I get a government grant to start a new business?

Steve Osborne
Steve OsborneOwner at Smarthinking
There are good answers to a similar question here: if you are a Job Seeker with an idea for a small business, you may qualify for this:
Last time I checked, there were no government grants in Australia to help start a business unless you align with one of these - A community based non-for-profit organisation - Focused on youth - Providing services for people with a disability - Based on supporting innovation You could try other forms of grants. Banks are giving out grants all the time but with similar conditions.
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Does anyone know contacts in Government departments who are there to help small businesses?

Hi, I have just spent over an hour with the Department of Business and Innovation's (DBI)... read more

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Peter Jones
Peter Jones Founder at LinkSmart
Ian Smith
Ian SmithOwner at CargoHound
Hi Peter - Not sure how old this post is - I have some good contacts for grants in R&D, Innovation and Export, Cheers Ian
Hi Peter, I know your questions was for DBI but in case of any query about council approval in Australia & Blue Mountains then you can contact Colin Frager for town planning consultancy.
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