Regulatory and compliance

Medicinal Cannabis and the Workplace

Earlier this year, the Australian parliament passed new laws allowing medicinal cannabis to be... read more

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Buying and selling businesses

The Secret of a business turnaround is not always to “CUT, CUT, CUT”.

I recently attended a conference of like-minded turnaround gurus and found myself in the company of... read more

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Daniel Fah Director at CEO Strategic
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Daniel FahDirector at CEO Strategic
Thanks Jef, you are absolutely right, to get back on track a business needs to engage with what the customer wants and expects. If you cut the budget too early and too deep you make it difficult to achieve this and your customers will soon look elsewhere.
Jef LippiattOwner at Startup Chucktown
Very refreshing read. I've still been waiting for someone to show me a legit case study of a business that not only got to the top by cost-cutting but managed to stay at the top while continuing the cost-cutting. Cost-cutting is a short sighted strategy. Many times owners and management fail to consider the toll it will take on employees and customers. In my opinion having solid products and services with expected price points and great customer service are really the only 3 things a company should spend time tweaking until they are right.