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The Year Ahead In Cyber Security: What You Need To Know

2013 was a watershed year for cyber security and digital secret-keeping. Revelations about the more

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How do you identify and prevent dastardly digital downloads?

During any special event or holiday, malicious hackers often pull out old reliable tricks of the... read more

Asked by:
Cassidy Poon
Cassidy Poon Head of Digital & Social Media at LogicalTech Group
John lewis
Usually more than one anti malware program is better than a single program.I use Panda Security and Malwarebytes running all the time - dangerous websites are blocked automatically, no malware gets through, and if anything dodgy is opened, it is automatically quarantined.
Swee Yeo
A good anti-virus software is important. Avast is a free antivirus which prevents you from going to dodgy web sites or receiving virus/trojan attachments. Endpoint protection (see above) is an inexpensive enterprise solution. (PS: I do not know Shaun or IT Systems Solution but I know Endpoint Security.) Note: Firewalls are mandatory and a must. However, the new breed of malware can tunnel thru firewalls. So a good security system has to have several layers. I no longer use "Zone Alarm". I use Avast for home computers but will use Norton or Endpoint for business computers.      
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How can I support my employees wanting to bring their own computing technology devices for work?

Asked by:
Phil Joel
Phil Joel Director at SavvySME
Andrew Tucker
Andrew TuckerOwner at ITonCloud
Skeeve, Your dream is no longer a dream :) In a hosted desktop environment everything is kept separate, no company data on the BOYD and therefore no personal data on the company servers. In the Windows environment all you need to do is ALT-TAB between the to environments and this applies to the Windows mobile devices as well. In the Mac world you would move between spaces and again this applies to the Ipad and even the Google tablets. I have a Mac and when I am at work or for that matter at home working I have my personal environment open in Desktop 1 (spaces) and my work environment open in Desktop 2 (if you have a mac you will have a better understanding of this).  When I am in the hosted desktop environment I have access to all my company data and printers etc no matter where I am traveling. For example I was in NZ traveling from the South Island to the North Island on the ferry. I was able to log into my hosted desktop on my Google tablet via 3G and was able proof read a document in Word make the changes (attach a diagram from Visio) and email it off. Close down the work environment and return to sending off a picture of the scenery to my family from my personal email using the native email client. 
Andrew Egan
Andrew EganOwner at Adept IT
Skeeve - the new Blackberry OS offers this. It has distinct "corporate" and "personal" partitions (for lack of a better word) that allows the enterprise side to be controlled by the enterprise, and the personal side to be offlimits to enterprise. This means the enterprise could wipe all the corporate data when an employee leaves, without damaging their personal information. to my understanding, there obvioulsy has to be some communication between the two sides but it's kept fairly separate..
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