Is Your Business in Need of a Christmas Miracle?

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Is Your Business in Need of a Christmas Miracle?

Mark Enman posted a request for Christmas cards on his social media page, hoping for a few extra cards to be sent to his parents this year. He wanted to help revive the Christmas spirit that his family had lost over the past few years.

Mark’s parents, Don and Bev, have been in care in recent years due to illness. The change in family dynamics had been difficult, especially at Christmas as family traditions stopped and spirits withered.

Mark expected that friends and relatives would send cards to re-create the holiday magic once more. He asked that his parents be given a “Miracle on 34th Street Christmas”, and they got it! Instead of a few extra cards, what Mark got was a blizzard - more than 17,000 cards and presents from family, friends and strangers flew in from all over the world. And due to a very simple act from thousands of people around the world, the magic was revived.

Here’s Don and Bev with their son Mark opening a few of the cards. (© Michael Nesbitt/Journal Pioneer)

Or maybe the WestJet Airlines Christmas Miracle is more your type of miracle?

What began like a normal flight gave 100 unsuspecting people the Christmas miracle of a lifetime. The passengers were casually asked "what do you want for Christmas?" by a virtual Santa before boarding their flight in Toronto. After they landed, WestJet Airlines had a surprise waiting for every single one of them - their wishes came true. Do yourself a favour and watch it here

Yes miracles do happen, especially at Christmas.

Especially when people go the extra mile.

Do you need a miracle for your business or organisation?

I don’t want to be the Grinch and steal the Christmas spirit from you, but chances are a miracle will not happen for your business.

Unless, it’s a miracle you plan for.

I think all of us could do with a bit of a miracle in these areas, no matter what industry we are in. Here are three ways we can start planning.

Miracle 1: Your Marketing

Because the world continues to shift beneath our feet we need to keep our marketing nimble.

Does your strategy continue to connect your key message and great content with the right people at the best times in the many places they frequent? Are you offering cures to your clients ailments? Do you have carefully-crafted, purpose-built call-to-actions? And do you measure success?

If you can answer these questions and use it to shape a strategic marketing plan it will make a big difference to your success in 2014.

Miracle 2: Your People

Ask any successful entrepreneur about the foundation on which they built their enterprise and they will say, “great people”. People who know the organisation's value and purpose, along with great ability and a positive attitude.

Do you have the right people in the right places for the right reasons? Maybe you need to shake things up a little, refocus your people and implement a professional development plan for 2014.

Miracle 3: Your Systems

Do you have effective processes and structures? Sometimes a few adjustments and tweaks can make a world of difference.

Maybe in 2014 you need to identify the barriers to success, renew leadership competence, and finely tune your organisation.

At The Learning Community we get laser-focused on these key areas with our clients. We believe, and observe over and over again, that if you approach your marketing, your people and systems strategically it’s a great combination for sustained growth.

I hope you have a great Christmas and that 2014 is miraculous as you advance your people, your organisation and your cause.


Darryn Altclass

Brand & Marketing Consultant at

I am very lucky to work as a Brand & Marketing Strategist for a number of small businesses in Sydney - XYZ, The Learning Community and Website in a Weekend. All my work is focussed on telling the right story to the right people on the right platforms to get the right action. And I feel very blessed as I absolutely love what I do.

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Neil Steggall

Neil Steggall, Partner at Wardour Capital Partners

Darryn, Another great article, thank you! I hope 2014 is a happy and prosperous year for you. Cheers, Neil.