10 dirty rotten tricks the best marketers use that they don't want you to know, part two


If you missed the first five you can either read the post here => Dirty Rotten Tricks, or get up to speed via the video below.

For those that are already up to speed, let's crack on. Here are the other 5 dirty rotten tricks.



Number Six

Is using education based marketing because you are not tied to the fear of keeping so called “Trade Secrets”. What is a trade secret in this day and age anyway? I mean you can literally Google the recipe for Coke and the 11 secret herbs and spices KFC use.

What are the chance of a bricks and mortar business owner having a trade secret that is really still secret? To me business owners that believe they have an actual trade secret, are just clinging to a figment of their own imagination.

Once you understand the fact that even though a potential customer may take your valuable information and use it to purchase elsewhere. It has cost you nothing to help them out. Now I am in no way shape or form religious, but I do believe in Karma. What goes around does come around. We have a saying in construction which is:

The big wheel turns

All good marketers are exceptionally generous with the quality of information that they give away for free.


Smart marketers understand that you want to deal with them regularly and are willing to offer you a great deal up front so that you can experience how awesome their products and services are. They know that once you experience their awesome service, you will be hooked.


Smart marketers recognize that their products aren’t for everyone and if that person happens to be you then you shouldn't be punished for purchasing something that doesn’t really work for you. They will cover this by offering you a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with what they have to offer.

Their products and services are created based upon what you want to buy, not what they want to sell you. They also understand that what they want in a product or service is not necessarily what you want. So they make damn sure that your desires are more important than their own.

They deal only with people specifically like you, this way they can focus all of their attention on creating the products and services that are going to benefit you the most. The value of having you as a lifelong customer is their number one aim, so they prioritize providing you with fantastic service to keep you as a customer for life.


This dirty rotten trick is knowing that a compelling offer, is far more powerful than a convincing argument. So they make it a no brainer for you to try their services. They may do this by offering you a try before you buy deal, taking all of the risk on themselves instead of asking you to.


They are constantly making offers, the best way to do it is with a yearly marketing calendar. If the only offer that you make is to discount your price, then you are headed for trouble. Your marketing has to be a whole lot smarter than that. As Joe Polish said on the I love marketing podcast, “If your customer truly needs the lowest price, then you can’t afford to sell to them”

By having a yearly marketing calendar you have a reason to offer a special deal without looking like a rug salesman.

So there you have it. Now you know all of their dirty rotten tricks, which one will you use first?


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Wendy Huang

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Hi Adam! Loved the video :) Would love a transcript for lazy video watchers haha!

Adam Bean

Adam Bean, Marketing Superintendent at

Something I am working Wendy, will have transcripts up and running very soon