Goal setting will fail without this

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Goal setting will fail without this

As a business owner you have no doubt set some new goals for this year whether it be increased turnover, number of new clients, a higher profit margin or even to expand your team for growth and to allow you more freedom. Goal setting can be fun and gets you energized – like you can conquer everything. But be honest with yourself. Do you actually think you will achieve these goals?

The fun and excitement of goal setting means the majority of business owners will start off full steam ahead. You have written the goals down (or have them in your head – if this is you I urge you to write them down), listed all the action items you need to do to achieve them and maybe even schedule time in your calendar to do all the action items required yet after a short period of time all that action required to move towards the goals stops.

Why does this happen when we start off so strong? The fundamental component of goal setting is making a decision to achieve it.  Yep, that is right – a decision.  It is actually very simple by concept.

Decision doesn’t mean you kind of want something. It means you are cutting off every other option. You are burning the bridge. It is pointless to set a goal if you aren’t 100% committed to achieving it.

Making a decision is not only about moving forward towards a goal. You also have to decide what you are going to cut loose and just let it go. I see with my clients that often what prevents their success is past baggage and when they decide to release the binds that hold them, success comes quicker than they could have imagined.

Here are 4 steps to ensure you goal setting is successful:

  1. Decide that your new definition of “decision” is going to be a firm commitment. Any goal you set should be backed by the decision to achieve it. Without this, your goal is only a wish.
  2. Refuse to give yourself any other option. Some people might be thinking “Don’t I need to leave my options open?”.No you don’t. Remove any temptation to veer off course and focus only on your goal.
  3. Accept everything that goes along with your decision. The path to success may not look like what you had expected. Trust that everything is as it should be. If you try to hang onto everything as it is, the Universe cannot let the good that you desire in.
  4. Structure your life to support your decision. You must change your environment so make your decision a whole new way of life. It could be cleaning up your mental environment, your emotional environment or even your physical environment. If what is in any of your environments no longer serves you and it is time to move on, get rid of it and let it go. Only you know what will be required. 

What is it that you need to make a decision about? What are you not making a decision about? If you made a new decision right now, how much happier would you be? How much better would your life be? How much easier will life be?

Make one decision now that will make the biggest impact in your life and share below. We all love to hear other people’s inspirational breakthrough moments.

Marika Lewis

at Marketing Mindset Mentor

Business & Lifestyle Mentor

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Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at

Great article. I especially like the point that making decisions is as much about getting rid of the baggage that hinders the goals being achieved. Thanks for sharing Marika. I really enjoy your posts :)

Christophe HERVE

Christophe HERVE, Founder & CEO at ADVANSEEZ

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