10 jobs that will bring out your creative peak

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1.  Animator

The popularity of computers is constantly rising – this is the career you’ll find entertaining and well paid. If you wish to never grow up and have fun your whole life, you should dedicate yourself to creating new stories and characters for games and cartoons that are yet to be created. This job won’t stop testing the limits of your imagination and creativity, so there’ll never be a time when you’ll be in a position to find it boring or monotone.

10 jobs that will bring out your creative peak

2.  Photographer

The point of life is in capturing the moment – that’s exactly what being a photographer is all about. With some well-based knowledge, a touch of passion, a bit of patience and an insatiable curiosity, you’ll be able to create wonders. Every single photo has its own story, your job is to tell it and pass it onto eternity. But, you’ll need some time to find out how to develop your own style and give it your own recognizable signature and that’s not as easy as it appears to be.

3.  Game designer

This is probably the most desired job of any male ever born, and it’s not so just because this job is well paid. Being probably the most popular form of entertainment, games are very demanding when it comes to making them; you need to be up to date with cutting edge technology, like computer engineering, animation, software development, programing and computer animation. But, once you master all of this, you’ll be able to create your own virtual world that’s based on the rules of your imagination.

4.  Nail or make-up artist

The world can never get tired of beauty. When you’re a makeup or nail artist, it’s on you to make people more beautiful and work on the aesthetics in general, so you can expect nothing but the constant challenges. This job requires from you to have people skills – you’ll have to dedicate your time to learning about how best to realize your customer’s wishes and do everything to make them feel pleasant during their treatment.

5.  Writer

Being a writer is the best way to transform your experience into words. Like every job, this one too requires learning and practice. You need to find a way to discipline your mind, so you don’t lose focus – but once you expand your vocabulary and create a solid value system, everything will fall in its proper place. The constant desire and curiosity should guide you on your way to becoming a witness of your time.

6.  Textile designer

Remember how you played dress-up when you were little? Well, there’s a way to do that for the rest of your life, thanks to fashion. All you need is your creativity and some practice to make the perfect clothes that you’ve always wanted to wear. There’s a possibility that you find out that you’re really talented as a textile designer – the next step is a trip to Paris. Like all other jobs, this one too has its disadvantages – you need to get used to a special kind of people in the fashion business, since it’s not easy to get to the top right away.

7.  Chef

If you want to completely sink into hedonism, you’ll find this career perfect for you. You’ll undoubtedly meet a lot of different people, travel to many distant locations and learn about various types of food that actually represent the differences in cultures all over the world. But, you need to be prepared to make enough time to turn yourself into a real gourmet – you can’t become a chef overnight. You’ll need a lot of patience and knowledge before you start making first class food.

8.  Interior designer

To be a great interior designer, you need to challenge yourself constantly and think outside the box. The tools needed for this career are already inside you – you just need to develop them and learn how to apply them. Once you get all that figured out, it’ll be easier for you to see the bigger picture even before it’s completed.

9.  Professor

Is there a greater way to contribute to the world than passing on the knowledge you have to others? It’s not easy to become a good professor because you need to learn how to balance things out, but everything’s possible when you use innovative teaching methods, when you have enough patience and when you are imaginative. Before you know it, you’ll be in love with your job.

10 jobs that will bring out your creative peak

10.  Architect

It is a powerful feeling, the one you get after you’ve built a master-piece? Being an architect is a responsible job – after all, you’re making a place that people will live or work in – but, once you see that you can change the skyline of a city, you’ll get addicted to it. You’ll also need to spend years in studying really hard and practicing before you actually design a building, but be sure that you’ll find all those years are a great investment.

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Wendy Huang

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Hi Damian, Thanks for the great career suggestions! I've pondered a few of these choices previously but have chosen to take them up as hobbies instead :) Still just as rewarding!

Damian Wolf

Damian Wolf, Self at Self

Appreciate your comment Wendy!

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