True colours, why my foul mouth makes my biz more money than anything else!

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True colours, why my foul mouth makes my biz more money than anything else!

I have a confession to make. Actually if you know me you will laugh, because it is hardly a confession.

I have a foul mouth.

In fact if my Mother ever heard me talk it would literally make her cringe. Here is the thing though:

I don’t want clients like my Mother.

Now don’t get me wrong she is a wonderful lady and I have the utmost respect for her, she is just not the type of person that I want to attract as a client.

So what do I mean that I don’t want clients like my Mother? It’s pretty simple really, if I am not turning any body off (people like my Mother) then I am not turning anybody on either. Billy Connolly calls it being beige, Mal Emery refers to it as boring plain vanilla.

Long story short, if you aren’t colorful, then you are doomed to attracting mediocre clients forever. What is one mans trash is another mans treasure. And the trash that comes out of my mouth is a lot of peoples treasure.

My clients are only concerned about the results that I get for them. Once they talk to me one on one they know exactly what they are getting themselves in for. And that is I am  going to give 150% effort to ensure that they get what they want.

IMHO foul mouths get a bad wrap. There are certain swear words (mainly that one that starts with F) that pack a lot more punch than anything else in the dictionary. Again those that know me well know that I don’t pull any punches. What you see and hear, is exactly what you get.

You see construction (yes I am a boilermaker by trade) runs in my blood, my Dad (RIP) is to thank for that , I love the industry and I have made some of the most awesome mates that I would literally trust with my life by being involved in the industry.

To build that trust and respect you have to be able to speak the lingo, and that lingo (be it right or wrong) is swearing.

Do my clients think it’s unprofessional? No they love me for it because they know I am real and genuine and that I don't’ hide anything. In fact I believe it builds are certain level of trust that I wouldn't be able to generate any other way.

I do however know when it is appropriate and when it’s not. Take this platform for instance. I am privileged to be able to share my thoughts with you on here and would never jeopardize that privilege, by breaking the rules that apply.

However I do still want you to see my True Colors, hence this post.

I mean how many profiles (On social media & websites) do you read where it says…

I am such and such and I am passionate about, add whatever they do. That to me is weak. If I need to tell people that I am passionate about what I do, then I am obviously not doing my job with the content (video, audio, blog posts) that I am creating.

You can’t convince someone you are passionate about what you do, unless you show them exactly what it is that makes you passionate. Your True Colors.

Now don’t think for one minute that I am telling you to carry on like me. Far from it. What I do cannot be forced, and it will look fake if you try and force it. What I do is me to a tee. Warts and all.

And this my friend is the challenge for you.

“Don’t be afraid to let them show, Your True Colors, are beautiful like a rainbow” Cyndi Lauper




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Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

Adam, love this post you made my day. Overtime I wish that people can embrace this (not the swearing) but being themselves and not pretending. When people love you for who you are, what you do and the results you give, it is so much more rewarding. Just in life. Thanks for sharing these thoughts Adam, enjoyed every minute of it!

Adam Bean

Adam Bean, Marketing Superintendent at

Hey Wendy, I hope they don't embrace the swearing as well! Lol that is just me and it only works for a very specific market. Everyone however does have their true colours that their market will love. Cheers for commenting, your feedback is always appreciated.

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