How to answer what you do in 30 seconds or less

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How to answer what you do in 30 seconds or less

How many times have you been to a Networking event and you hear the same old thing…. "I'm an IT consultant" or "I'm a personal trainer" Blah blah blah… Boring…. Not only have the people you're talking to tuned out because you've just sold yourself as a commodity where they've heard it all before but you've also just wasted an opportunity!

Now I'm not saying there is secret buy in line but if you can clearly say what you do and stand out within 30 seconds it's likely that the person you're talking to will either remember you, get in touch, buy from you or even give you a referral.

In the 10+ years I've spent in Digital Marketing Sales working for large global organisations I've had to refine what I do into a 30 second clear message and it's important in any business or job that you can clearly articulate, Who you help, how you help them and what you help them to achieve.

Below are 3 tips to help you to help you answer what you do in 30 seconds.

1. You're not a commodity.

I said in the beginning of this blog that people presenting themselves as the same old thing are selling themselves short… If you present yourself as a "Consultant" or "Personal Trainer" you instantly become a commodity. In other words you're placing yourself in competition with thousands of other relentless Consultants, Personal Trainers, Real Estate Agents etc. 

If you can differentiate yourself from the next guy you're going to find a whole new world of clients open up. Clients who aren't shopping on price but on quality and results.

2.  Have familiar stories backed up and ready to go.

People love hearing things relevant to them and having a few familiar stories relating to someones business/industry is always a great way to build rapport into any conversation. Try using lines like "I've actually worked with a client/company in a similar situation to yours" or "I'm currently working on a project similar to your problem" 

3. Stick to Results! 

Support any story you have with results. It's what people like to hear. Not "My awesome method or program will solve your problem" In reality most people don't care about how you do what you do. Imagine if you're a Builder, your client doesn't want to know what Saw's, Hammers and Drills you're going to use to build the house, they just want a beautiful house!


Alita Harvey-Rodriguez

Founder at Milk Digital Strategy

Founder of Milk it Digital. Milk it Digitak is one of Australia's first Digital Marketing Coaching & Training organisations. We work with Business Owners and their staff, Traditional Marketers, Entrepreneur's educating them on how to how to get the most of of this continuously evolving Digital landscape. We've worked with 100's of businesses across Australia and added $1.2 million - $12 million per annum to their bottom line just through evolving their digital footprint.

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Michelle Tupy

Michelle Tupy, Content Writer at Freelance Writer

I must admit I have always had trouble doing this - explaining myself as a ghostwriter just leaves people wondering what to say next. I will have to work on it some more! :)

Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

30 seconds does go quite quickly when it comes to sharing what you do. I love your suggestion about using stories, I'm going to have to try that one :) Thanks for the share!! Looking forwards to more intriguing articles!