Let's talk about happiness...


Happiness is largely abo Lets talk about happiness...ut good habits. Good thinking, good relationships, good eating, good 'being' habits.

It's as simple as that.

Even if you have the worst things happen to you in life, if you have good basic habits you can fall back on you will get through it, and you know you'll feel good again. It's survivable and even thrive-able.

It would be quite a big blog post to cover all these things. Good relationship habits, for instance would take a couple of blog posts at least! ;)

So instead of rabbitting on about all that, how about I give you something practical that you can do right now, right away, that is guaranteed to make a big difference..

If you need a little extra boost to your happiness regime, why not try this...a few minutes a day will do wonders for your mental and physical well-being. Don't worry about being perfect, just give it a go!

1. Learn to live in the moment.

We just don't spend enough time in the here and now. We spend it in the future living in our dreams, or our fears, or we spend it in the past. You really have to accept the here and now, focus on now and be non-judgmental to start to relax.

2. Breathe.

So how do you shift your mind to the now? You breathe. Just breathe. Focus on feeling every bit of every single breathe and let your mind fill up with one simple awareness, the awareness of your own breathing.

3. Close your eyes, close your door, turn off the phone.

Let go of all the easy distractions around you, turn them off, close your eyes and just focus on the incredible miracle of your own breathing.

That's all. I told you it was simple.

It's called mindfulness meditation, it's very effective and very simple... but simple doesn't mean easy. Maintaining that focus just on breath can be a challenge!

Mindfulness meditation has been proven to give you calmer, happier moods and, oddly enough, more touch sensitivity! It also encourages your mind to be more "here and now".

"Here and now", or mindful, people are happier, more exuberant, more empathetic, and more secure. They have higher self-esteem and are more accepting of their own weaknesses.

Anchoring awareness in the here and now also reduces impulsivity and reactivity (and we think some of that may be related to depression, binge eating, and attention problems etc).

What's more, mindful people are more likely to hear negative feedback without feeling threatened and they have better relationships as they are more accommodating and less defensive.

Isn't it time we embraced being "mindful" and brought a little more calm and happiness in to our lives! Imagine what that could do for your business! Lets talk about happiness...

Dr Louise Metcalf

Associate Lecturer at

Internationally published leadership expert. One of the top 100 Sustainability Leaders in the World (ABC Carbon, 2011, 2012). BA (Hons in Psych), Masters of Applied Psychology Organisational, MBA, PhD, Member APS College of Organisational Psychologist, membership of Academy of Management. Louise has decades of experience in the field of organisational psychology and general psychology. She is a highly respected leadership and change management consultant in Australia

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Neil Steggall

Neil Steggall, Partner at Wardour Capital Partners

Louise I have practised these three simple steps both at home and work for some time and they are actually empowering as one is better able to focus, function and enjoy. I try to "live" 1 & 2 and would probably use 3 at least twice a day. To other readers please do try! We have learnt to eat well, we must now learn to respect other parts of our body.

Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at

Brilliant! I really like your 3 simple steps to boost happiness. I agree: why dwell in the past, or angst over the future, when we can be contented, be grateful and enjoy the moment? I can see how being mindful can indeed be a catalyst to being happier, simply by taking ourselves away from the hustle and bustle, to enjoy the peace and quiet for a change. I'm looking forward to incorporating this into my routine. LOL just breathe and relax, that'll be my cue to live in the moment.

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