Visual Communication: How to Connect Authentically With Your Target Market

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Editor's update 10/09/2020:

Visual communication is an essential component of any creative marketing strategy and can be fundamental in driving business growth.

What is visual communication and why is it important in business?

Visual communication is all about communicating ideas and information using imagery and symbols in a way that helps you convey more value to a target audience. Strong visual communication can evoke emotional responses in your audience and help them connect with your brand on a much deeper level.

In order to create a visually compelling image that represents you in your business, it not only needs to look fantastic, it also needs to engage or “talk” to potential clients with credibility and authenticity.

This is why knowing your target market is paramount.

How to visually connect authentically with your target market

How can I visually connect with my target market?

Here are a few of my top hints to assist you in conveying the right visual message.

1. Know that every branding strategy is unique

Keep in mind that your corporate branding strategy is unique to your business. For example, if you sell shoes your target market will be completely different from a business which sells hiking boots. 

2. Understand the demographics of your target audience

If you're market calls for a confident expert, then make sure your marketing images convey credibility and confidence. If you are looking uncertain or nervous in your picture, then people will not engage with you.

However, if the demographic that you're marketing toward calls for a more casual style then don't necessarily wear formal clothes or business attire.

3. Use appropriate images 

Make sure your branding images are different depending on what message you are sending to your audience. For example, your LinkedIn profile image should be different from your personal profile on Facebook.

4. Define your business values

Business branding is all about attracting the best clients possible and showing them that they can not only trust you but that you are also approachable. Your image should reflect the key values of your business.

5. Remember, first impressions count!

Regardless of the type of services or products you offer, if you're doing business, be aware that this is the first impression that your prospective clients will have of you. Research shows that people will make a decision whether to work with you or not within one minute, so your online branding images must be a strong representation of your competency and character.

6. Be consistent with your style

Wear a similar style of clothes offline than you do online! That way, people will find it easy to recognise you and your brand and you will also be giving off a message of consistency.

7. Find a professional photographer that understands your business

Find the right professional to take your branding photographs - one who is willing to help you understand your business goals and your key messages. A do-it-yourself approach can be very damaging

Zahrina Robertson


Leading International Multi-Award Winning Authority on PERSONAL Magnetic BRANDING Photographer + Videographer, Brand Consultant, Speaker and Author of her 3rd NEW BOOK - "MAGNETIC BRANDING". Zahrina Robertson has photographed events featuring Richard Branson, Simon Sinek and many more leading International Entrepreneurs. Head hunted by Arianna Huffington from world’s largest online publication, The Huffington Post. Zahrina has the unmatched ability in the field of personal branding magnetism

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Adam Bean

Adam Bean, Marketing Superintendent at

Hey Zahrina, I love point two about confidence. If you don't believe in yourself, how can you expect anyone else to believe in you? Confidence is an absolute must, and a highly under rated skill. Cheers Beanie

Zahrina Robertson

Zahrina Robertson, Owner at Zahrina Photography / BrandingPortraits.COM

Hi Beanie, Thank you! I have many shy clients who's confidence needs to shine. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. It's a skill to put entreprenuers at ease and it's important to make sure one feels comfortable to get the best results for themselves and business. Simply put...choose a photographer with people skills and loads of experience...then loads of confidence will ooze! Cheers, Zahrina