Video games, the wii, and business advice

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Video games, the wii, and business advice

Have you ever sat down to play a video game (doesn’t matter which one – we are a Wii family, though this applies to PlayStation and Xbox), and your son/daughter/niece/nephew hands you a controller and then in about 15 seconds of high velocity technobabble you are given the complete instructions on how to use the controller and all of the idiosyncrasies of the game?

They immediately press the start button and you are on your way!

It’s happened to me often, and I remember as a kid doing the same thing to any adult I could ensnare into playing with me on the original Atari games back in the late 70′s.

See if this is what happens to you.

The game starts and it is your turn first. Your character/car/plane is in the middle of a racetrack/jungle/castle. You tentatively press a button to begin to move forward and are scanning the screen to see what else is out there.

A few seconds pass and then out of nowhere comes other cars/monsters/robots. The child starts screaming at you going Press C,C,C,Z,A!!!!! Your character is killed/eaten/vaporised and your turn is over after about 15 seconds.

Your playing partner begins their turn and off they go shooting/running/driving rapidly. They are making progress through the game and seem to handle it all easily. After five minutes or so they make a mistake and you get a second go.

You last 35 seconds this time and aren’t that sure what you did differently from the disaster of the first attempt! You are bewildered and overwhelmed by things coming out of nowhere and the controller buttons all look the same!

Your playing partner rolls their eyes in disgust at the inept skills of adults and proceeds to blast/speed/fly their way through the game for another 30 minutes without stopping.

Bring back any memories?

So what really happened here?

Is the child more talented? Possibly

More skilled? Certainly

Is this why they won so easily? No, although it helps.

They child has played the game before. Over and over again. When they seem to know a certain monster is coming at a certain time it is not clairvoyant powers, it is because they have played the game before and they know the road ahead.

Whenever you are looking to improve how you do anything in your life it pays to have someone to help you. It is essential to have someone who has traveled that road already and knows what lay ahead.

In your business there are issues you will encounter that are somewhat predictable and certainly solvable………..If you have played the game before.

If you or the people you are listening too do not have that experience then they are just as bewildered as you may be feeling. This will not produce the right outcome for your business!

Before you decide to listen to anyone’s advice check out to see if they have been down the road already. Ask questions and review their track record. Talk to their other clients.

Make sure they know the road ahead before you let them be your guide.



Jason Furness


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Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at

Good read. Interesting angle. Thanks for sharing Jason. Looking forward to your next article! :)

Jason Furness

Jason Furness at

Thanks Phil, glad you enjoyed it.