Top Tips To Declutter Your Garage

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Top Tips To Declutter Your Garage


Garages often get cluttered because of the accumulation of various things. When your garage is cluttered the problem is often because there are too many things and there is no definite plan for the space that is available. The first thing to do when organizing your garage is to plan for the space that you have. You may use your garage to park your vehicles, to store gardening equipment and tools and store other seasonal equipment. Then totally clear the space and remove everything in the garage.

The reason for this is to separate the things and sort them out and to assess the kind of storage that you have. Clean the garage thoroughly and if you need to add storage units such as shelves or cabinets then this is the time to do it. One of the areas where people do not put extra storage is garage doors. However, if your doors swing in and out and slide across, then you can add storage areas behind the doors. Sort the things that you removed from the garage in three piles: the things that will be stored in the garage, clutter that you do not need and things that you will store elsewhere in the house.

When you separate the things into these three piles, sort the things in the garage storage pile so that similar items are in piles. For instance garden tools should be together, sporting items in another pile ad so on. This will help you organise your garage so that you know where certain items are stored. It is important that you do not keep anything that you do not need or use. You can have garage sales, donate items or throw away broken, old or worn out things that you know you will not use. Do not keep useless things just because of sentiment.

When you have sorted the things that you will store in the garage then you can designate certain places for certain things. Label the areas clearly so that everyone knows where to find things and keep the garage organised. The areas that are most accessible should have the things that you are most likely to use. For example if you are an avid gardener, you can store your gardening tools where they are easily accessible. Sporting and seasonal equipment can be stored in less accessible areas such as high shelves. Supplies such as paint can also be stored in harder to access areas as well especially if they are not used all the time. Tools that are less prone to weather conditions could go in the external storage cabinets.

If your doors do not allow you to store smaller items such as nails, you can add hanging storage on your ceiling if it is feasible. To keep your garage organised, avoid clutter and ensure that everything goes in its correct storage area after use. If you need to add storage, use corners and a stack method so that you have more storage vertically rather than horizontally. This allows you to have more storage space especially if your garage is small.

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