Google Remarketing: How It Works & When to Use It

Google Remarketing: How It Works & When to Use It

  • Online advertising using Google Ads allows you to create and show targeted ads to people who have already visited your site.
  • Remarketed ads will then show on the Google Display Network on sites users are browsing such as YouTube, or while they're reading online articles.
  • In this article, we delve into how Google remarketing works, when to use it and why you should be using remarketing as an online advertising strategy for your business.

Remarketing allows advertisers on Google AdWords to have their advert reappear to consumers that have not made a conversion on their website. Remarketing has the power to give advertisers the ability to re-engage customers that were interested in their offer.

With the ability to reach and recapture 80% of the people that have abandoned your website, it is no wonder why remarketing is considered as a valuable online advertising tool.    

In this article we will:

  • Explain how remarketing works
  • Show you when to use remarketing and;
  • Demonstrate five reasons to use re-marketing on the display network.

How Does Google Remarketing Work?

Google remarketing works by placing a code on your website. When someone visits your website and does not make a conversion, they are placed on your remarketing list. This means the code tracks them around the internet, and your advert will follow them.

Remarketing gives advertiser’s the opportunity to re-gain the market that was interested in your offer. As you can see, re-marketing is powerful in the way it can market to your target market, and may improve ROI. 

When Should I Use Remarketing on the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network allows you to reach your target market using topic, interest and keyword target and the option to choose between gender and age simultaneously. The display network allows advertisers to appear on other websites.

Advertisers have the option to manually target websites, or have Google contextually target their image and video adverts. By enabling re-marketing, you can concentrate on the market that has not converted, and learn about your target market.       

What Are the Benefits of Google Remarketing Ad Campaigns?

There are 5 reasons why you should use Google remarketing for your advertising campaigns:

  1. Recapture lost conversions
  2. Large reach
  3. Visibility of adverts
  4. Easy ad creation
  5. Reports 

1. Re-capture lost conversions

R-engage and ultimately recapture your target market to convert. 

2. Large reach

Advertisers are able to reach a lot of customers. In saying this, you are able to work on your brand awareness.

3. Visibility of adverts

Advertisers are able to control the viability of where your adverts appear. This means you can raise or decrease your bid based on their performance of the site and control ROI.

4. Easy ad creation

Advertisers have the ability to create and upload multiple adverts for free using Ready Creatives.  

5. Reports

Display marketing gives advertisers detailed reports on where their adverts are appearing, along with key demographic information.


Remarketing is undoubtedly a powerful tool for advertisers; it gives the ability to re-engage 80% of customers that were interested in your offer. With the ability to reach large impression volume, control bidding and most importantly target the demographic between age and gender.

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Good article. It's early days with this strategy, and it would good to measure how the conversion rates will compare to the traditional add-words way.

Phil Joel

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Thanks for sharing Ashleigh. We have found Re-marketing to be very effective for SavvySME.

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