Online Accounting 101: Benefits, Features & Security

  • Cloud accounting provides the same functions as traditional desktop accounting, but with so much more to offer.
  • Cloud accounting is particular good for the issue of data security as information is sent and stored on a remote online cloud system.
  • A cloud system also helps develop your business internally or geographically without exhausting energy and funds for IT infrastructure.
  • Read on to learn more about the benefits, features and security of online cloud accounting software.

Low productivity, disorganised workflow, redundant records, and reconciliation errors—these are some of the most critical problems that accounting systems usually face.

Fortunately, with the introduction of online accounting, a computerised system can now provide reliable aid to financial management for both small and big companies. Also known as cloud accounting, this enhancement affords the same functions as traditional desktop accounting software.

Online Accounting 101: Benefits, Features & Security

Why switch to online accounting?

The advantages of online accounting fit particularly well with the issue of data security in the modern way of doing business. A web-based system stores data remotely online and automatic updates are done by the service provider.

This leaves worries away and saves time by making maintenance and data storage automatic. With a traditional, downloadable program, all these benefits are absent, so business owners have to perform crucial and time-consuming tasks manually.

What are the components of a cloud accounting system?

A clean and user-friendly interface defines an outstanding computerised accounting system. With its easy-to-use features, persons with access to information can conveniently enter and export data into various formats as well as easily accomplish data validation operations.

This dependable system is also packed with the following components:

  • Accounts Payable - letting you manage bills and invoices
  • Accounts Receivable - allowing you to organise payments, billing, and income data
  • Payroll - preparing payroll within the online system
  • Budgeting - handling budget creation and management
  • Assets - calculating significant depreciation and performing asset management
  • Reporting - incorporating data with current reporting standards
  • Project Reporting - allowing you to facilitate workflow for multiple projects simultaneously
  • Supply Chain Management - keeping track for inventory, suppliers, and pricing

What do you need to know about online accounting software?

Online accounting users need not worry about their data because these are hosted and secured in a record centre in Australia. Apart from its capability of showing updated data anytime and anywhere, the system also helps develop your business internally or geographically without exhausting energy and funds for IT infrastructure.

The best thing about this enhancement is that it is a great investment. Shoebooks accounting software is a cost-effective business investment that replaced old, limiting functionalities with faster, more efficient ones.

An upgrade to an online accounting platform is definitely worth it.

George Harris

SEO at Shoebooks Pty Ltd

George works for Shoebooks Tailored Back Office Solutions, one of the leading provider of accounting software in Australia, catering to every online bookkeeping and payroll software needs of Australian and New Zealand businesses.

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Thanks for this article George!

Steven Freeman

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Great article. For most businesses, the benefits of embracing cloud accounting far outweigh the traditional localised options.