5 Google AdWords Strategies for Mobile Devices


5 strategies to think of when looking at mobile devices on google adwords

In the last few years, the increased reliance that the general population have had on their mobile phones has been undeniable, whether it is their mobile phone and/or tablet. Mobile phones have moved on from ‘calls’, to downloading games, and more importantly surfing the Internet.

Since the Blackberry revolutionised the mobile by market by allowing people to access their e-mails remotely, and the introduction of internet browsing on smart phones has brought accessible content quickly at their fingertips - we can even reflect on our own behaviour of using mobiles devices. In saying this, having a mobile strategy for your AdWords campaign, is paramount to keep on-top of how your customers find and respond to your on AdWords. 

5 mobile strategies for Google AdWords

1. Understand mobile device volume

Google AdWords records your search device volume, now advertisers have the ability to see where and how many clicks are coming through tablets, mobile and computers. By understanding your volume; advertisers can make effective decisions for your marketing strategies. For example, let us say you found out that over half of your traffic volume was coming from mobiles, it would make sense for you to make your website mobile responsive to ensure the ease of navigation for your website.

2. Mobile device conversions

Advertisers can view their conversion through devices, whether it is from a tablet, mobile and/or computer.

3. Set bid adjustments for mobile devices

Google AdWords allows advertisers to increase and/or decrease bids based on various devices. If you notice that a substantial amount of sales and/or enquires are coming from tablets and mobiles, then you can increase your bids for x amount and decrease, your volume from computers.

4. Set adverts to ‘mobile preferred’

If advertisers notice more volume for mobile, or would like to appear on mobiles than other devices, they have the opportunity to ‘tick’ mobile preferred on their adverts, this will increase the chance of having advertisers appear on mobiles.

5. Be local

By having a mobile presence, adverts have the ability to be local. If you are a service that is only available locally, then you have the ability to set a call extension sitelink and choose preferred mobile or only mobile. In turn, your number can appear on your adverts.   

​​Going Forward

It is hard to deny how much we rely on our mobiles. With the constant access of information and content through our mobile devices, it makes sense to think of how a mobile AdWords strategy can help advertisers to meet ROI in their AdWords campaigns.

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