5 ways to fall in love with your business again


5 ways to fall in love with your business again

It's Valentines day, a day where you spend your time with loved ones and partners and spoil them with chocolate flowers and fine dining. But for now I encourage you to give a little bit of TLC to your 2nd love in life (after your life partner if you have one), your business.

For those of you still in your start-up honeymoon phase, this may not be a problem to you. You've probably worked tirelessly on your business and forgotten yourself in the process, in which case it's time to give yourself a bit of love and some time away to spoil yourself and relax.

But for many of us our business has found its way past the honeymoon phase and is starting to feel more like a unloved and neglected relationship. It may have gone stale from routine or bleeding from neglect. Either way it's time to inject some love back into your business!

Here are 5 things you can do to "spice up" your business life again!

1. Spend some time thinking about your journey

Just like all relationships that get stuck in the daily grind, you can too experience this with your businesses. So it's time to take some time out and think about all the things you've been through together. Jot down and reflect on all the wins your business has given you. The lifestyle benefits you've received from it. All the things you've been through together, the ups and the downs that have brought you and your business closer together. The funny moments it's given you.

Share these moments with your team and loved ones and have a laugh and relive the journey about how far you've come.

2. Spoil your business a little

When you first start your business, you may have taken more risks, and done more innovative and crazy things. But over time, safe and logical thinking got in the way of you being adventurous. Inject some spark back into your business by putting aside a small budget like say $500, and spend it on an advertising, marketing or technology purchase that your prudent self will never allow! This can be a set of radio ads, or some pay per click advertising. Perhaps a feature advertorial on your favorite business website.

Be creative and just do one thing to spoil your business.

3. Plan for the future

The fun and sparks of a new relationship with your business start when you think about how big this business could be and what it could become. After a couple years of working in it, this can be hard to see especially as new challenges pop up and mundane things take over and you get bogged down in all that can't be instead of all the potential you once saw in your business when you started. So spend 30 minutes and write down some new goals, events and milestones you would like to achieve for your business. Thinking about an exciting future can bring back a new wave of motivation and passion that had been lost along the way. This can be something as simple as planning a team building trip later on this year or a new business milestone you want to push. Go crazy with this! 

Make sure you have at least one thing to look forwards to in your business!

4. Share your love

One thing that separates a crazy and passionate relationships is the fact that they announce how great their partner is, whenever possible. They gush and smile to themselves with delight whenever they think about them, and try and tell whoever will listen how much they are in love. Have you done this with your business lately? I'm not talking about the robotic 30 second pitch you give at networking events, but a true spark and passionate gush that you get when you feel alive. Take some time today and gush about your business to everyone you meet. Remember to keep an eye out on the tone and the way you speak about your business and even if you don't feel it yet, try and emulate how you used to speak about your business when you first had the exciting idea come into your life and the spark you felt. Try and add a twinkle in your eye where possible!

Gush to at least one person you meet today and share with them how much love you have for your business.  

5. Bring back the excitement in your relationship

Now it's time to inject a little bit of passion into your relationship with your business. Write down all the things that you dread doing when it comes to your business and sit down and think about ways you can delegate, outsource or move them off your plate. Try and keep a 80/20 ratio with these tasks. Make sure that 80% of the time you are working on things that excite you, and only 20% of the time on tasks that don't. Make sure that this 20% are only the tasks you cannot outsource or delegate, because your time as a business owner is incredibly important.

It may be time to look for some new partners in business to help you with the things that are just a chore.

I'm pretty sure you could substitute business with "partner" and apply it to your personal relationship, but with all this talk about love for your partner I believe it's also time to find love for your business. After all you probably spend just as much time working in your business.

I wish all your Businesses a Happy Valentines Day!!

xox, Wendy

Wendy Huang

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Selina Shapland

Selina Shapland, Founder, Administrator, Writer and Entrepreneur at Manage Your Boss

Wendy, this is a great article and so relevant every day not just on Valentines day. I related to what you were saying and I think a lot of people can become disillusioned even in their daily work when working for another organisation as well as your own business. I've been there and I think your ideas are fantastic for revitalising your mindset into an action orientated forward thinking set of goals that can and will make a tremendous difference to your business and your personal outlook on life. Kudos to you. Awesome article!