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I have had some problems with my neck and the impact was that I was very stiff and sore. I had trouble turning my head properly whilst driving, and if I made a sudden twist of my neck I would get shooting pain down into my shoulder. And if that wasn’t enough, I kept pulling muscles in one leg – Not a lot of fun! I could not exercise effectively, and daily tasks were a real effort.

I had seen a number of different people to treat my neck, and whilst I would get some short term relief, the problem still remained.

I ended up seeing an Osteopath who after working through the areas where I had symptoms…neck, arm and leg…suddenly poked me in the side of the cheek…

Owwwwwwwww! The pain!

To cut a long story short, muscles in my jaw had tightened up (probably due to some old dental surgery). This in turn tightened muscles in my neck, which tightened down my side and caused the pain and muscle problems in my arm and leg!

So What Has Osteopathy Got To Do With Improving Your Business

1. The site of the pain or symptoms may not be the root cause.

In our business the area we think is the problem, or the area we focus on the most may not be the area we should be looking at in order to improve our cash flow, our customer service, or our stress levels. It could be somewhere completely different.

2. One Root Cause often drives many different symptoms.

If you chase different problems all day, every day you will be very tired and may not make much headway. Often one issue can drive many lousy outcomes for your business. Late service for instance drives poor cash flow, angry customers, staff being to busy to generate new business, and many others

3. Treating a symptom only, will not bring a permanent solution.

Software gets a bad name because of this problem. People buy the software thinking it will solve their problem, it wont. Usually there is something else that prevents the software from delivering the solution that they were promised.

Have a think about how this may apply to problems in your business and let me know.

Jason Furness

Owner at Manufacturship

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