SME Marketing: A Nationwide Survey

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SME Marketing: A Nationwide Survey

Being an entrepreneur can be complex, exciting and sometimes a little terrifying. As a fellow small business owner I understand that more than most people do. When I first started up it all seemed slightly overwhelming (and I had so much to learn!).

In order to break down some of the confusion that small and medium hold in regards to marketing, we are running a national survey. This survey is an attempt to better educate ourselves and those around us with how marketing is experienced by entrepreneurs. Our aim is to gain a greater awareness of how marketing fits in with the SME sector and how it can be improved.

The results will be published in major business publications and we are eagerly awaiting the results. We have already collected multiple surveys and will keep doing so over the next four weeks.

To make this a success we need your input. Your answers will allow us to gain insight in how entrepreneurs utilise (or ignore) marketing as a part of their business.


We appreciate your precious help and can't wait to read your opinion.

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Sharon Latour

Queen Bee/CMO at

I hail from Mauritius, an idyllic island off the coast of Africa and moved Down Under as an international student. Being in a corporate job wasn't for me so I took my own path with $450 in the bank. I've always been passionate about SMEs and after seeing so many struggle digitally, I founded Marketing Bee. We are Australia's first cloud-based marketing department, providing digital production, social media strategy, web development and everything in between for our clients here and overseas.

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Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

I took this survey :) I'm sure there are many others that have loads to contribute!