4 google tools to create a successful adwords campaign

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Google AdWords has many tools available to help build and develop your AdWords campaign effectively. The structure of your AdWords campaign is imperative; when developing the campaign, issues such as budget and cost-per-click need to be considered. There are four main tools that need to be used to setup, improve and diagnose your AdWords campaign.  

The four main tools are:

  1. Keyword Planner: the keyword planner, gives you the ability to see how many times keywords are search within a month, similar keywords that you may use to drive in relevant traffic your website, and estimate your cost-per-click base on industry and geo-target. The keyword planner is one of the most important steps in developing an AdWords campaign. With enough research, advertisers can use this step to make sure their campaign is set for success.
  2. Ad Preview tool: After setting a campaign live, advertisers have the ability to view their adverts as they would be viewed to the general public within the selected target location. By using this tool, advertisers eliminate the possibility of Google showing you search results that have been personalised for you specifically, and allow you to make sure that your ads are visible to Google users. In all, your ad preview tool is helpful to diagnose issues, for example you may receive a lower position, and need to learn why.
  3. AdWords conversion tracking: conversion code should be set up on every Google AdWords account. It has the ability to record where your leads via AdWords are coming from. This allows advertisers the ability to evaluate which keywords are converting and performing best, which means they can use their budget more effectively.  
  4. Google Analytics: Google Analytics allows advertisers to record data on their website. Google analytics allows advertisers to create goals on their website, and record different actions. For example, advertisers may want to record how many people enquire using their online contact from. The goal has the ability to divide your lead through organic and paid traffic. In all, Google Analytics has the ability to improve your website and understand where your leads are coming from.      

Going Forward

This article is aimed to give a short synopsis of the four main tools used for Google AdWords.

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