Are you using *quotable quotes* in your pr?

Public Relations (PR)

The ‘Quotable Quote’.

Arguably the simplest, most effective messaging tool in your PR kit, whether used across your own new media content platforms or in old school media interviews.

Consider Peter Cosgrove’s interview in January this year after being appointed Australia’s next Governor-General. Responding to provocative questions from the media about the G-G’s role in public and political life, Cosgrove – who’s widely acknowledged as an excellent communicator – responded simply:

"You are no longer a private citizen in the office of governor-general.

I think your responsibility is to shine light but not generate heat…"

(Listen in at 1.24 in this video for the quotable quote)

More recently, Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss aptly summed up sentiments about Qantas job losses and offshoring of maintenance work, saying:

"... on the other hand, they're not going to fly their aircraft to Singapore or to some other place just for a grease and oil change."

(Check the ABC's 7.30 Report transcript and video clip here, starting at 5.14).

Crafting quotable quotes helps you build sharp, succinct and structured messages. Quotable quotes that will be lifted by journalists and made more prominent, potentially to become a headline, breakout par or simply highlighted at the centre of the story.

The quotable quote: a pithy statement that adequately says it all. Simple and memorable.

And if you’re message is memorable, then so are your chances of being more memorable in the minds of your audience.

(Photo: Australia's new Governor General Peter Cosgrove [left] with PM Tony Abbott. Photo Courtesy News Ltd, sourced via Google Images and Creative Commons)

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