Tier One Construction Businesses, You're In Trouble!

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Tier One Construction Businesses, Youre In Trouble!

There is a massive shift set to take place in the construction game, and it's the tier one companies that are right in the firing line.

Now they could avoid this if they boxed smarter, they could but I doubt they will.

Why? Because it would take a CEO (or someone else with that type of title) to go out on a limb and show some serious Kahunas. Long story short, CEO’s just aren’t produced with that sort of ticker very often.

They just aren't willing to risk looking stupid if their ideas don’t come off. The education system has to take a lot of the blame for this situation. After all, the majority of CEO’s (unless they have built their own company) are trained in universities which creates two problems.

  1. University lecturers have never worked in the real world and have no idea of how to run a business (and they are supposed to be teach the budding CEO’s how to run a business) anyone seeing a problem here?
  2. Universities are part of the education system which teaches everyone to avoid making mistakes at all costs.

It’s the old adage of the lunatics being in charge of the asylum.

This is what is happening in the construction game. The big boys (Tier One) are tying themselves up in red tape. They are so paranoid about any adverse publicity that they literally creating a new set of rules that everyone has to comply with, every second day.

There most talented workers are leaving in droves, because they can’t stand the stupidity any longer.

It’s the equivalent having a prize boxer ready to go into the ring and fight for you, then tying his hands behind his back so that he doesn’t do too much damage to his opponent.

The lazy are getting lazier because they are literally being hand fed excuses to do nothing. Meanwhile the people that get the work done are burning out because they literally have to work three times as hard for less result, due to all of the extra rules being created. They are overloaded with meaningless tasks, that the CEO and his cronies create in the hope that the CEO has more control of the whole thing.

The industry is literally at breaking point, and if you are are a tier two or small operator, the future looks bright.

Being small is going to become big again!

So how do you take advantage? Stay tuned for the next few posts where I am going to teach you exactly how you can box smarter and literally KO a heavy weight, even if you are just a feather weight.

Cheers Beanie


Adam Bean

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Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

Wow hit the nail on the head Adam. Sometimes rules are made to be broken :)

Adam Bean

Adam Bean, Marketing Superintendent at

Spot on the mark Wendy, stupid rules are defiantly made to be broken!