How to achieve your best - part 2


How to achieve your best - part 2

"To tap the tremendous unrealized potential that exists in all of us, we must think of meaningful work as an essential ingredient of a fulfilling life. We can move past success to significance when we realize our purpose is found in serving others. Then we connect to something that goes far beyond the bottom line." 

                       ~ Laura Cardone

The ancient Chinese view of symmetry is expressed via the concept of Yin and Yang. It is expressed for example in the dualistic nature of day and night, fire and water, active and passive, masculine and feminine.

According to the Taoists all things have both Yin and Yang properties and business is no exception. And yet, modern business clearly exhibits very strong masculine (Yang) essence or energy. We see it manifested as a bias for action, goal setting, measuring results, hitting targets, dominating markets, beating the competition, carving up territories, etc. This is primarily because the “game” of business is a game created by men.

However one of the inspiring things that women have brought to the world of business has been a much more overt examination of purpose and meaning. They will often join or even start businesses around their personal values, their families, their causes, their desired lifestyles, their passions and their natural gifts.

The key to achieving your best in this revolution is a new model of heart based business and work which integrates both masculine and feminine. This is the essence of Yin Yang – unity not duality – where the masculine contains the feminine energy and the feminine contains the masculine energy.

Politically, economically, in business, sport and at home we are seeing a rebalancing of masculine and feminine energies. Feminine energy is the intuitive, creative, heart centred approach that brings flexibility and flow. Masculine energy is the rational logic that gives the structure needed to make money and support yourself whilst you do what you do.

We need both. And of course all of us inherently have both. Tapping into both is probably the biggest secret to achieving your best!

And like most things, it’s the balance that is important. Use your feminine strengths such as empathic skills and ability to collaborate and at the same time apply masculine skills such as structure, focus, discipline, assertiveness and a fiscal focus.

Here are the second group of 3 specific strategies to be your best:

  1. Maintain an attitude of learning at all times. Make sure that you balance your work on both your weaknesses and your strengths.
  2. Remember to nurture yourself. You already know that you need to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others – this applies on the ground as well. Whether you are busy building a career or building an entrepreneurial empire, you still need to make time for self-care. And leave the guilt at the door please – it’s an investment in yourself.
  3. If you’re not already, get clear on your personal Higher Purpose and integrate that into whatever you do. Know that you have something of great value to offer the world. As Andrew Cohen said, “We are all capable of greatness when we know without any doubt that we are directly connected to a higher purpose.”

David Solomon

Business Performance Strategist at

I help women entrepreneurs to build a Higher Purpose Business – a business that serves their values – one that works for them, not them working for it. My mission is to help women in business unlock their magnificence. The end game? To help women build businesses that are rewarding for the heart and for the purse - thereby to economically enable and empower women to help heal the world.