5 Ways Accounting Software Saves You Time and Money


5 Ways Accounting Software Saves You Time and Money

One effective way businesses can save time and money is by finding the right accounting software that meets your needs and your business will not out grow your systems. Combining this with best practice bookkeeping, businesses can streamline and fast-track many processes while ensuring accuracy and efficiency. As the business owner, you must lead change in your business. But in case you are unaware of the inherent benefits of utilising accounting software to save your time and money, here are five reasons to convince you:

1. Break down the barriers

You do not have to be tied to your computer to input or update your accounting data. Accounting software in the cloud allows you to do accounting tasks on the go on your laptop. This is a huge benefit if you travel often and have to continue working on the numbers. Not only that you can utilise every minute of your time, but you can also break through distance barriers: By allowing different users to work on accounts at the same time, you can accomplish accounting tasks faster.

2. End manual tasks

The time when paper invoices and documents need to be keyed in has ended. Now, you can set up invoices, expenses, journals and more to recur automatically, giving you back time. Moreover, online accounting software can process bulk data automatically, so you can invoice and receive payments from clients while you are doing other tasks.

3. End the blind chase

Sorting through receivables manually consumes a lot of time, especially if you have many customers who are behind in their payments. Let the accounting software do the work for you by following up your outstanding debtors.

4. Transfer easily

One great quality of cloud accounting software is the ease of integrating the old system with the new. If you are a pub or restaurant using spreadsheets to record invoices and calculate sales, among other tasks, you can focus more on service improvement if you have an accounting program that automatically receives and organises your spreadsheet-based data. You do not have to be deterred by the idea that you will lose your old data by applying a modern accounting method.

5. Produce fast

Accounting software can create summaries and reports faster than an efficient employee can. Business decisions can be arrived at faster once relevant information is at hand. With accounting software, you can generate weekly, monthly, and yearly reports (sales, costs, BAS, etc.) in an instant, assured that you are looking at accurate information all the time.

Online accounting software is a growing industry made to adapt to the modern needs of businesses. These days when time lost is money lost, business owners have to pick up the pace to be competitive. Make sure you choose the right accounting software that suits your business structure, better yet one with tailored solutions or services attached to make life even easier.

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Neil Steggall

Neil Steggall, Partner at Wardour Capital Partners

Thanks for a great article. It has to be a no brainer for the SME market.

Andrew Oldham

Andrew Oldham, National Business Manager at

Thanks Neil and totally agree. We come across all walks of life and everyone has the same pain.