Workforce analytics - the key to time management and increased productivity.

Workforce analytics - the key to time management and increased productivity.

Workforce analytics - the key to time management and increased productivity.

“In today’s volatile economy, companies are looking for new ways to do more with less and seek out efficiencies from their existing processes.”

Traditionally information collected by workforce management systems served to assist the pay office in automating the payroll processing function. However accurate time and attendance data can be utilised to drive efficiencies across different areas of an organisation.

Automated time and attendance produces live reports with accurate, real-time data and analytics that can provide management with a better insight into their workforce. With this information at their disposal, they can identify potential problem areas, and take immediate action to resolve them before they have an adverse affect on operations.

Integration with other core business IT applications such as ERP, Outlook Email, Payroll, HR, and point of sale systems, further extend the use of workforce management information and corporate investment in IT systems.

Business areas where time and attendance information is proving to be particularly beneficial are job and labour costing, absence management, workplace health and safety and fatigue management.

The emergence of improved biometric data capture devices and the rapid growth of smart mobile technologies have also extended the reach of workforce time and attendance tracking, enabling organisations to effectively monitor employee activity and performance data regardless of where their teams are physically located.

No longer limited to payroll processing, this information is now being utilised to gain greater operational efficiencies, facilitate WHS and fatigue management initiatives, and plan production cycles and cost projects.

About Mitrefinch

Mitrefinch provide a range of intelligent Workforce Management solutions.

It all began with an idea back in the early 1980s, when our developers set about leveraging advancements in IT to automate the manual process of “clocking in” to record employee time and attendance.

But we didn’t stop there. We’ve spent the last few decades developing a host of Workforce Management solutions and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with an automated time and attendance systems. Along the way we have earned a string of awards, and more importantly built a large base of satisfied customers.

Currently, employees in over 4,000 organisations around the world “clock on” using a Mitrefinch system, from concrete fabricators in Toronto to Zoo Keepers in Hertfordshire, and from the First Minister of the Scottish Government to high-school students in Sydney.

This means that we are speaking to hundreds of organisations every week that are looking to improve the way they manage their workforce’s time data. We listen to concerns, take on board suggestions, make recommendations and answer questions.

Sometimes these organisations are taking their first steps to replacing a manual system, while others are looking to replace an existing system that simply doesn’t meet their reporting needs.

This white paper is based on our vast experience in the HR and Payroll industry, as well as working with organisations across a range of market sectors.

We’re extremely passionate about Workforce Management and we hope you find our experience useful.

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