How will you be remembered?

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If you, for whatever reason, decided to go out of business tomorrow, how will you be remembered?  And what will you be remembered for?  These are certainly two very interesting questions to dwell on. 

What is and what should be might be two very different things.

In business, what you are remembered for may often be personal as we have a tendency to sell ourselves as much as the product or service.

If for example you answered think about what else you can offer to your customers that can cause the price factor to be a secondary option.

One thing that is important when it comes to your business plan is to specialise in something you are truly passionate about.  Why do you like it?  Why are you so good at it?  Knowing this can give you some interesting insights into how to market your individual style.

These insights will then allow you to stand out from other businesses that have failed to tap into their true selling potential.

One thing you need to understand is that the high value of your service will outweigh the low cost of your products every time.

Also remember that you deal with people everyday on different levels so your business is having an effect on others whether positive or negative.  Think about this interaction and see if you can create or achieve a legacy that is worth remembering.

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