Preparing Yourself For The Cold and Flu Season

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Well, hasn't this year just flown on by! Just shy of 1/3 down and knocking on the door of the colder months. Along with the great fashion winter also brings with it the dreaded cold and flu season. We all know how that can wreck havoc on an office. So, how can you prepare yourself and your body for the coming months and increase your chances of avoiding the dreaded lurgy all together?

1. Drink plenty of water

Nothing is going to flush your body out better than keeping up your hydration levels. As the days and nights get a little cooler we can tend to neglect our daily water intake, but if you really want to keep the bugs at bay make sure you continue to get your 2L water every day!

2. Get plenty of fresh fruit and veggies in your diet

There are foods that weaken your immune system (like sugar... sorry!) and there are foods that are your bodies best friends. If you are trying to prevent a case of the cold and flu then you definitely want to make sure you are getting your couple of serves of fruit each day along with a helping of fresh veg with every meal. Not only are they full of great anti oxidants, but they also assist your immune system in staying strong and fighting off infections as they come by.

3. Get some hand wipes

One of the easiest ways to spread germs is through touching.. Shaking hands, picking things up off desks, holding handrails in communal areas and on public transport. Now I'm not suggesting you don't hold on to something while you are on the bus or the train, I am suggesting you invest in some hand wash or alcohol based wipes. At least wiping your hands or santising them after contact  will go along way from protecting you against the common cold.

If you do happen to still fall victim to this years flu season then here are another couple of handy tips to help you through

A. Grab yourself some supplies

Take a trip to your local health food store and pick up some garlic and horseradish tablets, some Echinacea and a good strong vitamin C. While none of these will solve your flu they will certainly assist with symptoms and help your immune system to rebuild and wage war against whatever strain you have picked up. Remember keep your fluids up!

B. Take some time out

If you do come down with the bug then don't be a hero... Your body is telling you to rest. The more you fight it the longer your recovery period will be, and lets face it, you are probably going to infect a stack of other people in your office. So.. Get back to bed mister and get some rest!

C. Chicken soup for the soul

While there is no medical proof to suggest that chicken soup does alleviate cold and flu symptoms there is enough empirical data to suggest it at least makes us feel better. So if you are lucky enough to have your mum or your grandma around ask them to make you a batch otherwise beg or plead your significant other to bring you some.. and they may as well grab you a movie on the way home too

Tracy Sheen

Chief Wellness Officer at MBS Wellness

I've been studying health and wellness since the 80's but chose to follow a career in retail, some 20 years after my career began I wound up as part of a national project responsible for 4000 staff throughout the country. I understand what it is to work long hours, to travel a lot and live a highly stressful existance. After some issues with my own health I had an "A HA" moment and decided to funnel my passion for wellness and am on an absolute mission to bring wellness into our workplaces.