Face up to it, you may be getting uglier and dumber

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Wanna Be Dumb And Ugly?

Lack of sleep not only makes you ugly and sick, it also makes you dumb: missing shut-eye makes 6th graders as smart as 4th graders.

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Let's get real here. Put your hand up if you get more then 8 hours sleep a night? Ok now put your hand up if you get more then 10?

I'm pretty sure right now even in this vast cyberspace I'm not seeing an awful lot of hands here. In fact amongst us business owners and entrepreneurs I probably am not seeing a hand at all.

I don't need 8 hours you say? Well that's a valid excuse for only 3% of you. For the rest of us, this lack of sleep is only making us less effective, dumber and uglier as well as doubling the risk of an early grave.

If you're spending those extra hours trawling through useless things on your iPhone, really ask yourself is this really worth missing out on those 10-20+ years with your family and friends?

Not to mention your skin probably sags faster and you hasten the aging process with this lack of sleep, as well as gaining extra pounds. And we wonder why the health and beauty market is worth so much money - it's because we think that spending money will buy back the health and vitality we lost from not sleeping.

I encourage you all to get at least 8 hour shut eye tonight and take regular naps.

Comment below with the average number of hours you sleep, I'm curious! I'd say I'm at 7 hours at the moment!

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