Interview with Brent Hall from HelloMedical


Tell us about your business?

HelloMedical is a community of medical professionals. We help doctors, researchers and clinicians connect with one another to foster great progress in medicine. 

Our vision for the future of health is an ecosystem that is open, connected and collaborative. We also support several organisations with branding, social media, communications, marketing, application development and outcomes research.

Why did you start up your business?

To combine my skills in medicine, design and engineering and make a difference to how health care is delivered ― however little that maybe.

What are the major hurdles you experienced when starting your business?

Cash-flow and sales! Dead simple you need cash and to must get good at sales to expand the business beyond yourself. 

What tips can you give other SavvySME members that are thinking or in the process of starting their own business?

Just do it! There's a million reasons you’ll find not to start. You need to get out of your comfort zone and sell, it's not always fun but without cash coming in you're not a business.

Learn everything and don’t rely on others. If you don’t know something then Google it or get a book. I’ve got book cases full of books I hated reading!

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't ― you're right." 
― Henry Ford. 

What made you decide to take the jump and focus on your business?

Except for a stint at a tech startup I've never worked for anyone else, it's not in my DNA to work for others. I read "Rich Dad Poor Dad " around 2000 and never looked at things the same again.

What is the vision for your business going forward?

I want to continue to grow the business over the next 12 hopefully saturating the local market and then look internationally. 

What tips can you give other SavvySME about motivating yourself to push through the challenges that rise up while building your start-up?

I'll be honest and say not having a family and mortgage helps but if you have these then turn them around to your advantage. I think there are a ton of ideas that you could only see if you have kids that other entrepreneurs couldn't. 

Always be outwardly positive regardless of how you might be feeling. Remember it's got very little to do with the idea, instead it's about continuing when a sane person would quit. 

Brent Hall

CEO at HelloMedical

Hi! I'm Brent Hall, founder and CEO of HelloMedical. I've been working with the Internet since 2000, starting life as a developer I later moved into management before starting my own company. Inspired by the legacy of Richard Feynman I commenced my undergraduate studies in physics, later transferring into medicine.

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Great story Brent, thanks for sharing :)