The way employment is managed has evolved

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The way employment is managed has evolved

Employment management has evolved rapidly in the past few years. Its changed so much in fact that what you think you know about how to manage employment is probably already wrong.

The old approach to managing employment required each business to invent its own HR resources, employment practices and systems with the support of an expensive in-house HR team. In smaller businesses such employment materials and systems were often non-existent because the business did not have the time and expertise to create them or the money to pay for an in-house HR resources.

Modern cloud technology allows employment management materials, resources and systems to be scaled, centrally maintained and easily distributed nationally or internationally. Such economies of scale make everything a business needs to manage employment easily accessible and affordable, even for the smallest employers.

What the cloud has done for financial management with products like Xero and MYOB is now happening for employment management with new products like Employment Hero entering the market.

The Journey

Bare Essentials
Small employers scrape together the bare essentials for managing employment. Basic employment contracts borrowed from friends, policies drafted in response to a crisis and paper based systems for managing performance reviews, timesheets, employment files and leave. Payroll is run in-house by combining a basic accounting system and spreadsheets. If lawyers are engaged to produce compliance materials they rapidly become obsolete as laws and circumstances change.

Big Solutions for Big Business
Larger businesses can afford in-house HR resources, systems and expertise. Starting with a single HR generalist they quickly grow into a multi million dollar team with payroll, safety, recruitment, training, industrial relations and legal expertise. Unfortunately these high value and high cost teams are dedicated to a single business.

Everything Your Business Needs in the Cloud
Cloud technology makes the product of full-service employment management team ubiquitous. Every small businesses can access and afford the resources, expertise and systems that were previously reserved for top 500 ASX listed companies. HR generalists can now move away from transactional tasks and start working on the higher value strategic projects they have not had the time to complete.

“Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things” Peter Drucker

Is your business ready to manage employment more efficiently?
Business owners and HR managers who do not embrace the cloud will be left behind.

The average hospitality and retail business can save 4-5% on wage costs by moving to a smart cloud based time and attendance system.

A white collar business with 25 employees can save up to 90% of the cost of managing employment and payroll by moving to a cloud HR solution and outsourcing payroll processing.

Every entrepreneur can sleep more soundly by reducing their exposure to fines of up to $33,000 per breach for poor employment practices.

The advantages of a cloud-based, modern approach to employment management

A single cloud based employment management program can provide your business with all these advantages and features:

✓ Stay compliant by getting access to employment contracts, employment policies and HR checklists that are kept up to date with Australia’s employment laws

✓ Relax with the knowledge that your Award or Enterprise Agreement is interpreted and updated by lawyers and automated in the payroll process

✓ Switch from paperwork to paperless with digital signatures on employment contracts, Tax File Declarations and superannuation nomination forms.

✓ Let new starters maintain their employee files with employee self service access to bank details, payslips, leave balances and timesheets

✓ Deliver all HR materials to employees electronically and receive confirmation that have read and acknowledged them

✓ Easily run a business wide performance management program with company, team and personal goals tracked online

✓ Increase profits and save time by using a smart rostering and time capture system

✓ Keep a central record of all safety incidents online

✓ Offer your employees access to an employee benefits program with discounts from leading retailers, gyms, banks and other services

✓ Automate your organisation chart as employees are added and removed from your organisation

✓ Outsource payroll administration and sleep easier knowing payroll experts manage it

✓ Get unlimited phone support from HR advisors

✓ Access HR consultants, employment lawyers, safety advisors and migration lawyers as and when you need them

✓ Get back to doing the things that matter most in your business

Still think managing employment the old way makes more sense? That’s like using paper based journals to manage your business finances.


Ben Thompson

CEO at Employment Innovations (EI)

Ben Thompson is CEO of EI ( and Employment Hero (, established to provide small and medium sized businesses with the type of legal, HR and payroll services that big business take for granted. He is a solicitor with an excellent success record defending clients in State and Federal jurisdictions, winning several Full Bench appeals. Ask him about employment law, and HR strategy.