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How a Mum Entrepreneur Starts Up Her Business | SavvySME

One of the things that I love doing is connecting with women who are starting up their own businesses

It is very exciting to share in their new adventure and be of some assistance to them as they develop their marketing and networking publicity strategy too.

Mum-Entrepreneur Interview

Today, I had an opportunity to meet with and interview a new start-up Mum-Entrepreneur, Shelly Sweeper who created Mummy's Monsters.  

I came across her Facebook Mummy's Monsters site when I was surfing (as you do) through things and getting my daily FB fix.

When I saw the Boutique items that she makes herself, I knew I had to make contact and hear directly from her what inspired her to start up her own online business from home. 

Shelly was happy to meet me at the local shopping centre and show me samples of the products that she makes and sews herself and sells online.  

It was fabulous hearing that she decided to start Mummy's Monsters last year after she came to realise that it was her passion to create functional accessories that really do help new mums with babies.  She found that as a mother of three children herself, it was like being a pack-horse whenever she wanted to leave the house; nappy bags and half the house packed up just to go to the shop for an hour.  It was just too much stuff to take and she wanted a solution.  

Shelly looked around and tried everything, but nothing seemed to fit what she knew she needed, so, she came up with a solution and made it herself!

Shelly designed her first Nappy Clutch, made it and tested it herself well before she started to put it up for sale online. 

Friends encouraged her to make more and to sell the accessories as there were more women out there who could benefit from Shelly's ideas. 

Thankfully, Shelly listened to her friends, had the support of her husband and belief in her passion for this business.  

She whipped out her sewing machine and started making her own nappy clutches which have evolved over time to include a side handle with a snap lock button to keep track of the baby's dummy.  Fabulous!

Mummy's Monsters boutique is small but it is steadily growing and moving forward.   Her business was made official in August 2013 and now her business sells Baby Wipe Cases, Burping Bibs and a light weight cotton Diamond Shaped Breast Feeding cover for modesty and comfort for both Mother and Baby.

Shelly told me that in summer the breast feeding covers were too hot and heavy, so she designed her own product to keep herself and her baby cool as well as ensuring modesty during this situation.  Each cover has velcro on it to keep it in place around mum's neck while allowing discreet feeding of baby in public areas.  

I was so inspired by Shelly's passion for her business and making excellent quality products that truly do help Mothers on a daily basis, that I wanted to share her success with you because it is wonderful to see Mum-Entrepreneurs building a business around something they love and believe in.  

We discussed how important entrepreneurs are becoming in today's economy, especially given the current Government Budget.  We came to the conclusion that it is wise to look for ways that we can service the community with our skills and knowledge and work towards business independence.  

That was a liberating thought.

Shelly is a great example of the power of the Mum-Entrepreneurs we have in our society today.  

Selina Shapland

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Ling Lee

Ling Lee at Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

Thank you for sharing this story! truly inspirational :D

Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at

WOw, what an inspiration, thanks for sharing :)