So who actually told you that you are a small business owner?

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So who actually told you that you are a small business owner?

How many times have you heard people say that they are a ‘small business owner’ or that they actually run a ‘small business’?

I don’t know if what I am about to share with you, has actually crossed your mind before?

So my question to you today is, who actually said that your business is a ‘small business’?

Isn’t it fascinating, the number of times we either refer to ourselves as a ‘small business’ or a ‘small business owner’. If that’s not enough, we allow other people to categorize us as ‘small business’. So what’s wrong with that?

Let me share my heart with you today about ‘small business owners’. I believe that we are setting ourselves up for limited and ordinary success, if we are using the words ‘small business’ and ‘small business owners’ constantly.


Now here is what I want you to understand. Every time we declare that we are a ‘small business’, we are convincing ourselves, at a subconscious level that our business has limited potential to grow, expand or is even positioned to achieve greater levels of success. We are in fact giving into subconscious conditioning and suppression of not only our business’s potential but also our very own potential.

If you find that your business has not been growing, in these tough economic times, have you ever wondered why? Now before we go around blaming everything from the economy to the bank, to the government and even China, it might be time to take stock of our current situation.

Here is some hard truth.

Many times, if we are truly honest with ourselves, we will actually discover, what is actually holding back our success. It is simply US! How can I possibly hold myself and my business from being more successful?.

What rubbish!

Let me share with you from my own experience.

I have been actively involved in the pharmacy, retail and even e-commerce ventures for over 20 years. During that time I have built many successful businesses, yet every time my business would eventually plateau. It was almost as if there was an invisible ceiling that not only restrained my business but ensured I could not take it any further.

So I did the best thing I knew! I invested in accountants, business advisors and even a business coach for a short time. You see I was looking for strategies to grow my business but I was ignoring something or rather someone extremely important.

That was me!

Now, I certainly received some fine advice and possible strategies but when the experts were gone, it was I who had to implement them and I don’t really think I executed those strategies as well as I really could have. Eventually, I discovered what kept my ‘small business’ small! It was me!

I had paid no attention to developing myself as a person and as an owner, as the man behind the dream and behind the vision. It was as if I was still on my ‘Learners Permit’ but had been given the keys to a ‘shiny red’ Lamborghini. So I drove the ‘beast’ like an elephant.

The result was no ‘supersonic increase’ in my business success but rather a gentle increase in pace without the vroom-vroom!

You see, even the best strategies for an explosive growth are useless if the person implementing them is himself or herself not developed.

So what are your take home messages from this?


1) You are not a small business owner.

2) You don’t own a small business but a business full of explosive potential!

3) STOP describing yourself as a ‘small business owner’ or a ‘small business’

4) Realize, for you to truly grow in this, you need an increased awareness of your own potential.

5) If you stop and think for just a moment, the only person that’s holding you and your business back is YOU! Now you know, you have full control over that and you can change that starting TODAY.

6) When you lift the lid that you have placed on your business and you, you will move forward with an ‘abundance’ mindset”

Here is one more thing I want to share with you, YOU don’t need more opportunities, you JUST need to increase or heighten your awareness of the ones already around you.

There is nothing small about who you are or what you lead in your business!

Christopher Sajnendra

Life and Success Executive Coach - Global Healthcare Industr at

My name is Christopher Sajnendra and I am a John Maxwell Certified Life and Success Coach. I empower Busy Executives, Entrepreneurs And Success Motivated Individuals by connecting them with their -Purpose,Priorities,Potential and Passion in life . And I help them do this with ‘laser targeted’ intentionality’. I am also a Pharmacist, Author, Potential Developer, Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur . I have successfully set up eCommerce ventures, formulated health, beauty & wellness products

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Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

I agree wholeheartedly. Most limitations are in your own mind. Because at the end of the day it is up to you as the business owner to get outside your comfort zone and secure opportunities that you think you deserve, and if you think you deserve little then you're going to experience little grown. A lot of successful business owners I see going out and trying to grab opportunities that normal people will look at and go impossible, but I guess that's the difference right :)?

Christopher Sajnendra

Christopher Sajnendra, Life and Success Executive Coach - Global Healthcare Industr at

You nailed it Wendy!