The Top 5 Accounting Influencers in the World

The Top 5 Accounting Influencers in the World

For those of you who are not familiar with Klout, it is a fairly popular way to measure your influence online. You basically link all your social accounts to Klout and it will spit out a number out of 100, that tells you how "influential you are". The exact algorithm is not known but it takes a combination of the number of followers as well as the amount of interaction and engagement you get from your followers. 

So who are these influential people under the search term of accountants? 

The World's Top Accounting Influencers 

The top accounting influencers in the world are:

  1. Tom Hood
  2. Bill Sheridan
  3. Jody Padar
  4. Rick Telberg
  5. Kelly Erb

Please note that I have removed all corporate brand accounts such as Ernst and Young and KPMG from this list.

The Top 5 Accounting Influencers in the World

5. Kelly Erb, also knows as @taxgirl on Twitter is a mom, writer, tax lawyer, coffee drinker, baker (and thus, by necessity a runner) - not a sleeper. Some of her major achievements include being a top search result in the Bing social bar. Not a pure accountant but TAX is a huge topic in the accounting world :).

Kelly comes in at 5th place with a Klout score of 60.



The Top 5 Accounting Influencers in the World

4. Rick Telberg, also known as @CPA_Trendlines on Twitter shares live links to breaking news for tax, accounting and finance professionals. Rick's social channel with the most engagement is his Twitter account. He often gets re-tweets from his followers.

Rick is tied for 3rd and 4th place with a Klout score of 62.



The Top 5 Accounting Influencers in the World

3. Jody Padar, also known as @JodyPadarCPA, she is the CEO & Principal of New Vision CPA Group. She has made over 8,800 tweets and has over 3,300 followers.

Jody is tied with Rick with a Klout score of 62




The Top 5 Accounting Influencers in the World

2. Bill Sheridan, also known as @BillSheridan (one of those lucky ones that managed to get their own name) is the Chief Communications Officer,  of the Maryland Association of CPAs. He has over 3,400 Twitter followers and is active on multiple networks including Google + and LinkedIn. 

Bill comes in at 2nd place with a Klout score of 63.



The Top 5 Accounting Influencers in the World

1. Tom Hood, also known as @tomhood is a CEO trying to make sense of a changing & complex world, technology, learning, leadership & social business CEO of @MACPA & @BIZLEARN. His influence spans over 4,900 Twitter followers and he is even an Influencer on LinkedIn with over 12,000 followers. 

Tom comes in first place with a Klout score of 64.



If you are curious about what your Klout score is you can head over to and link your social accounts. The more accounts you link the higher your score may be. Stay tuned for my next article where I will share some techniques these influencers have used to build their influence.

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Editor's Update 17/11/2020:
Since this article was published, Klout, the popular social scoring tool has closed its doors. Lithium Technologies, the company that created Klout, said the platform "as a standalone service is not aligned" with its long-term strategy. For people still interested in social influence, there are some new tools on the market today. See the FAQ section below for more information.

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Well done pulling this together. Hmm.. looks like I still have a long way to go with my Klout score! That's a big fat hint by the way :)

Yee Trinh

Yee Trinh, Cofounder at

I’d like to add some more Australian top accounting influencers. First is Colin Dunn (@ColinDunnACA). He mainly talks about how to grow your accounting firm and has written a lot of great articles online. He has 5000+ followers on Twitter and has been on social media for years.

Another accounting influencer is Heather Smith. She’s very social media savvy, has 10K+ followers on Twitter (@HeatherSmithAU), 7K+ subscribers on YouTube, has spoken at many accounting and bookkeeping events and written many great resources. 

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