The Reason You Should Refer To Yourself As A Business Owner - Yes Even You!

The Reason You Should Refer To Yourself As A Business Owner - Yes Even You!

If you just give me a few minutes of your time today ...... I promise you, that I will help you shift some long set thinking patterns in your life and perhaps, along the way..... stoke that 'fire in your belly' for SUCCESS!

"Why do you keep talking to me about business? I am not an owner of a business and neither am I in business!
Yes, I want to be successful but I'm stuck in a job. I am in the corporate world and in a career that isn't exactly going anywhere. You see the guy above me hasn't had a nervous breakdown YET and there are no new positions coming up in the company.
All I have to do, is turn up to my work, do my 9 to 5 shift and then go home.
Hey! I'm not in business and frankly......I don't really really care about business!
All I care about is; my take home pay from this job and how I can make it bigger and better so that I can do all the things that I want to do in life.
Then, I can spend more time with my family, play with my kids and go on those fantastic vacations that others do.
" ..........Anonymous Corporate Employee

Does this sound like someone you know?
I sure hope it doesn't sound like something you would say to me if I ever met you?

What exactly is a BUSINESS and why does it matter in my pursuit of success?

Let me ask you this... "What makes someone a businessman? What makes someone an owner of a business?"
To truly answer that question, we must define what a business really is.
The simplest way, I can define the word business for you is:

An individual or an organisation that has found the most effective way of specializing in something and then using that specialization in exchange for a financial or a monetary gain.

This specialization and exchange of skills is what we find so attractive in the modern community. Specialization and being rewarded for it, allows us to move from independence to interdependence...... in turn making our lives fun, richer and with plenty of enjoyable variety.

It 'frees' us to individually spend more time doing the things we really love and value. It means we can end up having more of the numerous things we enjoy, with far less time, energy and effort spent chasing after them.

We get validated , rewarded and acknowledged .

The integral part we play in a supply and demand relationship justifies for many of us, our existence and gives us a sense of belonging in the community.

You see....Someone.....Somewhere..... is adding value to our lives because we are benefiting from their expertise and they are making life easier for us.
The upside is .....

By improving on your own expertise and at the same time purchasing someone else's, you can end up freeing valuable hours in which you can further practice your skills and become more proficient at what you do.

Let's say you are an accountant and you need your brand new Mercedes car serviced. You know some mechanical work but aren't exactly up to date with the latest technology. You could spend sometime getting books, going online and learning how to fix it, after all you are university graduate and intelligent..... or you could easily pay a mechanic to do the work.

In return for the time, that you have saved by not 'tinkering' with your car, you are now able to invest those valuable hours towards becoming more proficient at your own skill. Maybe furthering your pursuit of your CPA.
This allows you to demand a greater financial return when you ply your own skills. Now, you are not only multiplying and leveraging your own personal financial prospect but at the same time, you are helping someone else advance in life financially..namely the mechanic. Both of you win here and you get to add value to each other's existence.

Success MOTIVATED individuals constantly look at self improvement and businesses are forever looking at new and improved ways to deliver products and services to better meet the needs of their customers.

STOP! So how does this really apply to me?

It all comes back to our definition of BUSINESS. Let me explain......

Some people define business as an individual or a person involved in trading goods and services in exchange for money with consumers. Along with the term business comes commercialization, industrialization and professionalism. But the truth is, a business is any person or group of people who have customers willing to pay them for their products or services.

When someone offers to pay YOU for the work you do, or the products you make, or even the service that you provide, then I am excited to tell you today that

Anyone who works for a financial compensation can be said to be in business. Granted, you might have only one customer, namely the organisation that you 'work' for. But you are in business!

Let's say you are the same accountant working for a large accounting firm and are being paid handsomely for your expertise. If you think of it another way, the firm is your customer, paying you for your expertise.
Now just pause for a moment.

Do you think you could extract more, if you improved the quality and caliber of what you have to offer to the organisation?

Not the current one? What about another customer/ organization?
Do you get what I am driving at?
You are in business as long as people are willing to pay YOU for your services, your expertise and or your knowledge.

Specialization is what increases your value, your worth's only when you stop becoming a "jack of all trades and master of none"that you discover the power and reward of riches it could possibly bring you.

Whenever you provide a better quality of goods or services, at an attractive price, you attract and serve more customers and you become more desirable.

It's time for you to hone in your skills and expertise .

NOW Understand This...
The success of any business is dependent upon :

The quality of goods and services being provided
The price that is required from the consumer or buyer
The happiness and passion of the employees
The strength of the supply chain, namely the vendor, who provides the raw material. In your case...maybe the institution or person that helps you sharpen your skills.

By specializing, you will have better efficiency, productivity and proficiency and you will also inherit greater wealth, valuable time and better relationships with colleagues, friends, family and your significant other.

This is an integral part of you discovering your priorities, purpose, potential and passion in life and that's what I am always passionate about empowering people in, as a Life and Success Executive Coach.

So the next time someone asks you what you do for a living, you too can proudly say ,

"Oh! I am in business! "

Now let's get down to business. You owe it to yourself.

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