Take your business to the next level – The Elevator Pitch


Just about anyone in Marketing, PR or Communications are well versed with Seth Godin’s theory of elevator pitches. Seth Godin takes the idea of an elevator ride, where you have limited time to create conversation, that if done right, will lead into a deeper dialogue and an opportunity to pitch for your business.

Think about the elevator pitch as a chance to describe a situation or solution so compelling that the person you’re with wants to hear more even after the elevator ride is over.  You basically have 60 seconds to deliver your points persuasively.

Traditionally the elevator pitch started with the introduction. We believe that often after stating what your business is, you’ve often already lost the other person. By starting out with the problem you plant the seed and create a sense of curiosity.

Here’s our own personal twist on the four-step approach to crafting an elevator pitch:

Identify a common problem and how your business solves this issue
Introduce yourself, clearly stating what your business does.
Outline how your product or service is different.
Lastly, think about why they should care.

For example:

Do you have inconsistency with your designs? Would you like more time to work in your business rather than on your business? [identify common business problems].

Belgrin is a full service creative communications agency specialising in Design, PR and Social Media Management. We give our clients the presence they require in all the places they need to be – online, in print, in the mainstream media and in the social media world [stating what our business does].

The Belgrin team produces the look and feel a business needs to create that crucial first impression, you know, the one that can’t be erased. Our designs, like our communication strategies, are original, vigorous and distinctive, styled to suit the target-market of your choice, whether high end corporate or a more adventurous, small to medium niche. You deal with one person who briefs our internal team, ensuring you have a truly consistent message across your brand. [how our business is different].

In a crowded market, a company needs to communicate ‘distinct’ and ‘compelling’. Belgrin does just that, and with considerable class [why they should care].


In addition to your elevator pitch, make sure you are ready to answer any questions your fellow elevator rider may have. Being able to provide examples will make your product or service more reputable.


Daniel Magrin

With a background in management and sales, one knows you have to be able to communicate with people. It is with this knowledge that I find myself where I am now. Helping businesses communicate with their target and getting the right interaction with their community. At Belgrin we do this from concept to execution, we help companies communicate creatively. www.belgrin.com.au

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Neil Steggall

Neil Steggall, Partner at Wardour Capital Partners

I guess I can't help questioning why one would pitch in an elevator?

Neil Steggall

Neil Steggall, Partner at Wardour Capital Partners

Daniel, I apologise, I meant what I wrote to be taken as a comment. It was never my intent to point fun at or belittle your article. I hope you can forgive me for any embarrassment caused. Cheers, Neil.

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