7 Reasons Small City Businesses Aren't Making Big Profits


So much has changed for business owners (and at such a rapid pace) that it is hard to pinpoint just one thing that has contributed to their struggles. However, over the past 4 years I have personally helped well over one thousand business owners to figure out why they don’t have as many customers as they need and there is one thing that has become very clear.

The business who is not found online is .... in trouble.

Unfortunately, many businesses have relied on the Yellow Pages and traditional forms of advertising and, it seems to them, all of a sudden their advertising isn't working. More likely, word of mouth has carried them for a while and the effectiveness of their advertising has dwindled without being recognised.

The result - they have lost market share and are now scrambling to reclaim their place in the noisy and cluttered online world.

While working with these businesses and talking to the business owners there are 7 very common and quite understandable reasons their small business isn't making the big profits it is capable of…

1. Head In The Sand

Put bluntly! They have spent the last few years trying to ignore the changes, blaming the economy and the rising costs of living, for their decline in sales.

2. Accelerating So Hard Their Wheels Are Spinning

They are so desperately trying everything and anything to grab the attention of their prospects that they have lost focus and are in fact going nowhere.

3. Fumbling And Looking Amateurish

Feeling nervous about the future of their business, they are anxiously attempting bits and pieces, but with little time and focus the result is an unclear and inconsistent message.

4. Information Overload

Knowing there is something they are missing they go looking for answers. But Google provides so much information it is hard to distinguish between good and bad advice. The result is complete overwhelm and confusion.

5. Set And Forget Approach

Under the guidance of a money hungry web developer or social media expert, they have built it and wonder why the crowds do not come. They are completely unaware that no one even knows they’re there.

6. Adopting “Sales Media” Tactics In A Social Media World

They are stuck in their ways and aren’t clear on the marketing and sales tactics that work for today’s consumer.

7. Delusion And Confusion

They assume they know where their prospects are and believe they are not using the internet for look for products and services, with reasons such as “my clients are too old to use social media”.

These are all somewhat legitimate reasons but it is time to put all excuses aside and find a way to stand out online, or risk your own demise. 


Francine Bishop


I am a trainer and the author of Social Media Evolution. I teach business owners to use social media, their website and online profile to create maximum exposure, attract more customers and generate sales. No jargon here! Just plain and simple english giving clear and actionable instructions.

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Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

So true! I get so disappointed when I look on line and can't find a business. It usually means that I don't end up using them/visiting them because they have failed my consumer research test.

Neil Steggall

Neil Steggall, Partner at Wardour Capital Partners

This is absolutely spot on! A really accurate assessment, well written and presented. Many thanks.

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