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It is a sad reality these days that good customer services is an ever-widening chasm of pain for the people to endure. 

I am personally saddened to have experienced exceptionally bad customer service from the Head Office of a Network Marketing Company that I was once a part of.  This Company continually spoke to their Consultants about the importance of providing excellent customer service, but when it came to actually providing it to me, I found things to be very different indeed.  

When I approached this Company's Head Office for assistance to obtain a financial income statement for my tax purposes, I was told that they could not help me because it was something only I could access through the online portal.

When I advised them that I couldn't log in, they then told me it was because my account had been frozen as I had not advised them that I was continuing the business and I had not paid them money to do so.

I was shocked by this and could not find any emails to confirm that I had to do this or pay them money for another year's registration.   When I advised them of this, they told me that they do not send reminder emails to pay this to Consultants as it is in the online account as a 45 day reminder. 

I went through all of the numerous emails that they had sent to me (which was akin to spam levels) and could not find any correspondence outlining this fine print.  I can safely say that I never saw that reminder in that time frame when I could access their system and when I tried to log in, the system would not allow me.  

The more that this Company 'hog-tied' me with their distancing responses and lack of interest in providing any assistance, the angrier I felt.  It takes quite a lot of frustration for me to come to a point of complaining, yet, even my complaints were received with a lack of interest. 

The tone of their emails to me were written in such a way as to distance themselves from providing me with any help in this situation.  I felt frustrated and angry that no-one from this business would do anything other than respond by telling me that I needed to look through my old emails to find a commission email.  

I am deeply saddened that this Company and many other businesses seem to have this 'Care-Less Customer Service Factor' as a part of their culture.  

As a customer, I am looking to do business with people who care about me and my needs.  If they do not and I receive responses as I have recently experienced, I cannot help but feel enraged by such treatment.

So what is the fallout effect from this unfortunate 'Care-Less Customer Service' cause?  

It is simply hypocritical to say one thing and do another, as this networking business has done.  This kind of behavior destroys trust and the one thing that they can be assured of, is that I will always remember how they made me feel.

I will now tell at least 10 people about this experience and spread the word on their lack of congruency and professional integrity between word and deed.  This is not good for their reputation and stands as a warning for any business or service providers to be alert to.

Even if people think that my situation is me 'making a mountain out of mole hill', the point to remember is that clients not only remember the type of service they receive, but they tell people about it, especially if they are upset by a genuine lack of care from the employees on the other end.  

A 'Care-Less Customer Service' Factor can be the cause of a business spiralling into reputation MUD. 



Selina Shapland

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Sam Spence

Sam Spence, Owner & Virtual Assistant at

Great article Selina. Unfortunately an all too common topic - lack of customer service, whilst advocating it is all to important! Word of mouth is a great reputation build and destroyer!