Does having a higher purpose exclude commercial outcomes?

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Does having a higher purpose exclude commercial outcomes? And vice versa?

If you are driven to profit at any cost it would appear so. However, if you define your commercial success and profit as being driven by the amount of value you deliver, isn’t that higher purpose? Equally, it is fallacy to have your passion blind you to the commercial reality that your business is unsustainable.

A Higher Purpose Business can and should be a win-win commercial model. You provide amazing value for your customers, they renumerate you appropriately and you get to stay in business and keep delivering value. Win-win. The transparency of the internet, the power of recommendation via social media and the growing demand for authenticity all support the need to provide great value.

And of course, if you choose to, you can use your profits in some other charitable way based on your personal values and purpose. Win-win-win.

There is definitely change in the air and we are seeing a rebalancing of masculine and feminine energies in business. Feminine energy is the intuitive, creative, heart centred approach that brings flexibility and flow. Masculine energy is the rational business logic that gives the structure to the business so that you can make money and support yourself whilst you do that thing you do.

We need both. And of course all of us inherently have both.

Creating a Higher Purpose Business can help you tap into it. 

David Solomon

Business Performance Strategist at

I help women entrepreneurs to build a Higher Purpose Business – a business that serves their values – one that works for them, not them working for it. My mission is to help women in business unlock their magnificence. The end game? To help women build businesses that are rewarding for the heart and for the purse - thereby to economically enable and empower women to help heal the world.