8 Things to consider when preparing for a webinar


Creating and presenting your first Webinar can be fun, time consuming and stressful, but the outcome can be very worthwhile.

Here are 8 tasks that you should be adding to your list.

1. Reserve your Webinar

This provides you the information required to start sending your invitations and marketing for the registration process.

Identify your target audience and reach them via email, websites, blogs and social media.

Include a Q&A segment in your webinar. This will create rapport with your audience and establish you as an expert in your field.

2. Check your hardware and software

Your software provider will have a link to quickly test your computer's compatibility, do this in advance to avoid last minute technical hiccups.

3. Easy access for everyone

We are all connected these days and as long as there is an Internet connection and working hardware, anyone can hold a webinar and everyone can attend.

With worldwide audiences timing may be an issue, always try and provide a replay for people that might have missed out or organise two sessions for your audience.

Having a replay on demand can be used as a lead generation to attract new customers.

4. The importance of Time

Go through your presentation (slides, discussion points and Q&A) before the live webinar and gauge the time of your presentation.

Your audience's time is very important and you have to value it. Don’t go over, but set reasonable expectations and then meet them.

When you value your audience you will see greater retention and stronger return on investment.

5. What’s your tone?

You know your topic and the audience wants to hear your expertise and passion. You enticed them here, now entertain and educate them.

Know your slides and use your voice to convey your feelings. Avoid filler words such as ‘um’, ‘like’ and ‘you know’. Use pauses deliberately -- both to gather your own thoughts and to allow the audience to gather theirs.

6. Know your transitions and stay focused

Plan the transitions between slides and segments, and make sure they tie the visual elements of the presentation together.   

Webinars can vary from 45 to 90 minutes in length and as tempting as it is, be careful of delivering too much general content. Your audience wants to take away valuable and specific information that will help them in their own lives.

Niche your topic even if it decreases audience size, it will allow you to deliver more value and become more integrated into the success of your audience.

7. Pre Webinar information

Prepare an auto-responder document for your participants. This can be few pages long and should provide questions for the participant to complete during the Webinar and will keep your audience engaged.

The pre Webinar information should build excitement in your audience and reiterate the benefits and outcomes of why they are attending.

8. Do before your Webinar or after your Webinar

Be organised and create a post Webinar email. This can include a survey, a link to the replay and a link to your sales page.

If you are including a survey, ask your audience for feedback on the presentation style and content. Include a question of what your audience would be interested in learning during future webinars.

Make sure you include the people that were not able to attend and provide a link to the replay with an expiry date.

Always thank your attendees for their time, participation, and interest and include a call to action that keeps them involved in your business.

Are you ready to start making money and building your mailing list?

Schedule your next webinar today and put these tips to the test!

Maria Nikas

Founder/CEO at Limitless Virtual Assistant

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