Forget the 'Nay-Sayers' - use the Power of Compounding Effect

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Writing is a big part of many occupations these days.  

Some writing is for business, some for pleasure.  There are times in our careers that we have to face the demons of a writer's block and inner fears.  If you have something to write, no matter the content, consider some of these tips below that may be of assistance to you.

Let's face it, there are going to be a bucket-load of 'nay-sayers' that would pop up along the road to completing your heart-centred writing project. They are people who will question you and attempt to plant the seed of doubt inside you.

But what if you have an inner nay-sayer that keeps trying to foil your best efforts of creating success?

How do we deal with the inner and the outer Nay-Sayers and put ourselves first?

Here are some tips that have helped me and I hope they will help you too:

Tip No. 1

Write; just write and keep on writing.

That's my biggest tip for getting your writing project not only underway but completed.

When people tell you that "You can't do that!" Turn that into, "You CAN do that!" and keep pounding the keyboard or putting pen to paper. That's what I have to do. It is far too easy to allow myself to get lost in the forest of fears, so I have to back myself and just keep moving -- one tiny step at a time towards my end goal.

Tip No. 2

Keep the end goal in mind - always.

Persistence and having faith in yourself are 'muscles' that we each need to develop to achieve our dreams and finish our writing projects. We need to be almost obsessed with the project to have the will and continued commitment to get through the inevitable down times that will come along as we tackle each phase of pursuing our dreams.

I have learned that in life, if you really want something, then obstacles rise to metaphorically ask you, "do you really want this? If so, show me how much." And that is when we have to make a choice to jump in and go for it, or to slink away from the effort of creating our dreams.

Tip No. 3

The secret to success is in the smallest daily actions.

We may think that what we do or do not do, does not matter, but it does. Each time that we give in to fear or to the echoes of nay-sayers and turn from our writing projects, we give away our personal creative power and our dreams recede from our view.

Likewise, whenever we sit our butts down in the chair and put our story or business proposal on the page, no matter the quality of the words that make up the story/content; we are essentially strengthening our personal power and actively taking another step toward manifesting our deepest dreams and desires in the real world.

Tip No. 4

Let time work for you - The secret of compounding effort will help you to achieve whatever your goals are in life.

Writing a novel or creating a project plan or any kind of document can turn from a simple idea into a big project that you must love. You must have a passionate drive to complete it because you are in it for the long haul. And if you want to become a career novelist, author or achieve your writing goals in life, then you absolutely must have a long term view to succeed. This long term view will help you when things get tough and especially when inner and outer critics - see 'nay-sayers' - turn up to poo poo your best efforts.

When you have a long term view, you are the one in the driver's seat and other people's negative opinions will have a reduced effect on you and your project because in the end, they do not matter.

Time is short and it is a commodity that writers need to covet to the best of their abilities when they have a project they are 'birthing' into the world.

Yet, time can work for each of us and we can tap into the powerful force of compounding effort, provided, that we turn up, write some words, and repeat this positive success action on a daily, weekly etc, basis.

Imagine writing for a minimum of 30 minutes everyday for 365 days a year on your most beloved writing project...

When you looked back over that year, you would have accumulated nearly 180 hours worth of writing effort that you could refine and turn into something that you may one day choose to publish - if that is your wish.

Time and consistent compound effort in writing is a wonderful way to re-orient your mind-set to enable you to achieve your dreams.

Remember that a little effort on a regular basis will have profound effects in your life and creative and business writing works.

That's pretty exciting, don't you think?

Tip No. 5

Become self-aware that you do stand at the crossroads of creative choice every single day.


Do you take that leap of faith in yourself and turn up to write today? or

Do you choose to shirk your dreams to do something else that takes your fancy but ultimately will not lead you where you want to go?

What is your choice today?

Where will your everyday small actions take you?

Are you on the right path?

Success in writing -- in anything actually -- amounts to many little decisions that result in taking a small action that compound over time to bring about our end goal.

The world needs our stories, our business proposals, our plans for a better way to do things and a little bit of self-faith will carry us beyond the rough sea of nay-sayers to realise our goals.

Whatever your dream, take action today and make it happen.  Start now.  Don't wait to put those ideas into action.

Selina Shapland

Founder, Administrator, Writer and Entrepreneur at Manage Your Boss

My name is Selina Shapland and I have a wealth of real-life experience working with and supporting high level executives, managers and colleagues as well as supervising administrative staff. I've worked in Industry, Private Enterprise, Government and the Education sector in various roles for over 20 years. I believe that the key to success lies within your own personal and professional continued education and reflection. I offer tips, hints, admin how-to, my own life philosophy and coaching.

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Ling Lee

Ling Lee at Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

Great motivational article Selina! That's right, In times of procrastination I always tell myself, if you're not going to write today, who will?

Selina Shapland

Selina Shapland, Founder, Administrator, Writer and Entrepreneur at Manage Your Boss

Thank you so much for your comment and rating the article. I truly do appreciate your feedback. Yes, if we do not put writing first, who will? S