Increase Your Focus and Increase Your Income - 5 Simple Steps

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Do you lose focus in your business from time to time? Does this get in your way? Does it slow you down?

We are always looking for new ways to be able to maintain our attention to what matters, the people we are serving and the income we are receiving in return. Any energy applied elsewhere can easily contribute to a loss of focus.

Should you consider change?

If we want a better business with more focus, we need to remain inspired. In order to keep this inspiration at a healthy level, we need to know why we are in business. What motivates us to be there? Is it for financial reasons? or something else?

Some business owners assume they are in it for the money. However, they also enjoy so many other aspects of the business and these may be enjoyed even more than the financial returns themselves. As long as the business ticks over, they receive the many other benefits they enjoy.

These can be the social interaction, flexibility, independence, spending certain hours with the family and more…

So, do you want to increase your focus? Do you want to increase your income?

It is important to set aside the time to ponder all these questions.

We all need to know what we value in our business. If we acknowledge these reasons and we impress them in our mind, all of a sudden we have raised our motivation to make the business even more successful.

Your mindset is important. With the right mindset for your business, it can be very healthy.

It is important to realise that when you are connected to your personal reasons, you are much less likely to procrastinate. Any procrastination will affect your bottom line.

Want to make a difference? Consider the following questions and list your answers:

1.    List at least 50 reasons you are in business

2.    Allocate these reasons into the following categories – Financial, Social, Family, Knowledge, Career, Spiritual, Physical/Health

3.    Score your results

4.    Identify your highest area

The more you realise your own personal reasons for inspiration and the more you remind yourself, the more focus you will create.

What about the income? Perform this final task:

5.    List 100 reasons how more income can assist you to service this part of your life identified in step 4.

The more reasons you have for more income in your mind,  it becomes easier to stay focused and income follows as a result.



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Ling Lee

Ling Lee at Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

Fantastic article as always, Leo! I do believe that focus is also great for motivation!

Leo Eliades

Leo Eliades at

So true, agree totally - great to also think about how you can move form motivation to inspiration which requires less top up