Time Management is Essential for Good Business - Fact or Fiction?

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In business and life in general -- time seems to escape us all.

We all know the thoughts and feelings we experience as we are challenged with tasks to complete. Yet, there never seems to be enough hours in the day.

Of course, we would like our days to be different. However for this to occur, something may need to change. Deciding that something may need to change requires some strength and commitment. We need to do things different if we want to achieve a different result.

One of the most common positions we often reach is that we need to manage our time better. The subject of time management is popular in business and success in general. In facrt, it is often covered by coaches or referred to in publications.

At some point, it is way too easy to look at someone we admire in business and convince ourselves that they manage their time better than we do. It is easy to assume that if you do the same then you can also be more successful as a result.

The truth is, we all have just 24 hours. We all sleep for similar times and most likely work for similar times. So what then makes the real difference? If we cannot manage time because it is constant and it is the same for everyone, what do we need to manage?

Of course, deep down we all know the answer, we need to manage ourselves.

What do we need to change? If we make a change, do our goals change? Do we complete them more quickly and more efficiently? Are we more empowered and more productive as a result? Do we have more energy and vitality?

In business you need to have a voice, you need to make decisions and need to have the self- belief to back these decisions. When this is present your goals are special as they are built with the purpose that they are your reality and you can definitely see the possibility in the future outcome.

If you were getting more done that makes a difference, you actually feel like you had more time. Is that not what we really want? Hence the feeling all these years, that we want to manage time.

Over time we are so used believing other people -- thinking that their opinions hold more weight than what we feel. Understandably, we avoid being judged due to some bad experiences. This may have been caused by bullies in school, scary teachers, bad friends, insensitive family members and even our own demanding parents.

As a result, we sometimes doubt ourselves and live our life based on other people’s values. The simple truth is this. We must stop giving them permission to do this to us. Instead we can do something different. What can this be?

It is important to understand your strengths and your capabilities. Focus on all the right thoughts which will empower you to keep moving forward. This will allow you to focus on what you value and as a result, you will not procrastinate. Your self-belief will increase and you will achieve more as a result.

Consider completing the following

  1. Identify at least 50 of your strengths
  2. List 50 ways you are servicing your customers
  3. List 50 things you love about your business that you have created
  4. Allocate at least 3 benefits to your customer, coming from each one of your strengths identified above

This is your business life and you deserve to live it in your way following your own values, which are important to you.

Change your beliefs. Lift your thoughts, lift your vitality and lift your business. Don’t look to manage time, look to manage self instead and remember self- management is great for good business!


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Ling Lee

Ling Lee at Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

Thanks for the great article Leo! Yes I truly believe that self-belief => self-confidence => more energy to work on business!!

Leo Eliades

Leo Eliades at

Welcome Ling, the more energy the better!