Top 10 Tweeting Accountants in Australia


Tweeting accountants - what kind of image does that conjure up for you? Is it a bunch of suited individuals mesmerised by their smartphones, with twitching thumbs? Perhaps you're imagination is a bit wilder and you can picture wing flapping and chirping humans. Or perhaps this imagining thing is just my way of buying time before I reveal the top 10 twitter profiles in Australia, via the keyword accounting.

For this exercise I used a tool called socialbro. This tool lets you do searches under specific criteria and is a great way to organise your twitter account. I have only looked through the accounts that have specified an Australian location.

10. Peter Black also known as @PeterBlackCoach is a Business and Executive coach, Chartered Accountant, TEC Chair, Myers Briggs, EQ , Extended DISC, Hermann Brain, Hogan, Lominger, LSI, and Retirement accreditations. He is a regular tweeter with 1,217 followers.



9. Christie Lewis also known as @christielewis is a Managing Partner at Alan Lewis Accountants. Passionate about small business, lifelong learning and chocolate. 1,290 people also agree that chocolate is a passion of theirs. With only 213 tweets it's an impressive number of followers.



8. Janna Fikh also known as @FletcherTax is all about making tax less taxing for individuals and small business. and with 1,454 followers, tweeting seems to be one of their less taxing activities. With a whopping 11,718 tweets from the account, who says consistency can't get you places?



7. David Rose also known as @david_rose is married :) father of 3 amazing girls, partner in accounting practice, certified NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, successful US share trader, with a health niche. He tweets a mix of personal and business tweets and boasts 2,011 followers.



6. Alliance accounting also known as @A_Accounting is one of Sydney's fastest growing Chartered Accounting Firms. Alliance Accounting founded by George Germanos. With 2,328 followers and only following 156 people, their follow ratio's just as great as the consistency of their tweets.



5. Nominal Accounting also known as @nominalAus represents an Accounting Software that is about giving small Australian businesses a simple accounting solution. 2,683 people also think this software is as simple to use as it says :). 



4. Alycia Edgar also known as @alyciaedgar educates biz owners about the simplicity of numbers & how to utilise systems & innovation to improve their biz, Accountant, Former Surfshop owner, COO, mentor, and Mum. Alycia is a serial tweeter with 19,322 tweets and 2,895 followers.



3. Ian Harris also known as @ianrharris is a Melbourne based chartered accountant interested in SME's, start-ups, eCommerce businesses & consciousness. He also has 4,032 followers and a satirical political blog.




2. Heather Smith also known as @HeatherSmithAU is Heather says her writing is crafted by twitter. As an early social media adopter, she regularly tweeted useful business booster tips.  This built up a following in the small business community, and she was asked to write for various business blogs and invited to events as their official conference tweeter. ‘I developed a skill of sharing useful content in clear through concise tweets.’ She is currently writing for the Dummies series – a whopping 110 000 words! Easy to understand how she has managed 45 000 tweets! . She currently has 7,863 followers.


1. Top Class group also known as @topclassaccts have a bookkeeping company and an accounting firm in our group of companies. Serving clients throughout Melbourne, Geelong & Mornington Peninsula. They by far in the lead with 71,103 followers and engage consistently with their audience. Pictured on the left is Phillip Brookes, the firms COO.



So what do you think of our top accounting tweeters? If you are an accountant and think you deserve to be in the top 10 you can let me know via the comment box below. 

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WOW!!! I am going to have to tell the peeps over in accounting to get Tweeting! Those are some incredible stats!!!

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Yes I agree DJ! Much popular than I am *blush*

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