Marketing Mistake #16 | Using Catchy Tunes, Jingles, Slogans And Mottoes Instead Of Solid Reasons To Buy


You’ve heard them. They’re everywhere on the radio and television. In fact, you probably catch yourself singing or humming at least a couple of different jingles or tunes throughout the course of your day.

Or, you may find yourself quoting some catchy slogan or motto you’ve heard or read.

The question you may ask is, if they’re so catchy, and I find myself singing, humming or quoting them, aren’t they working?

Aren’t they doing their job?

And the answer, of course, is, “Yes, they are working,” and, “Yes, they are doing their job.”

So, if jingles, slogans, and tunes are working and doing their job, why not use them? It all depends what you’re trying to accomplish with your advertising and marketing dollars.

If you want new customers... more customers... people who can and will come to your place of business, or pick up the phone and call you, willing to give you their money, then these tunes, jingles and slogans may not be the best use of your money.

On the other hand, if you want people to remember you, to have the name of your business dancing around in their heads, but really don’t care about getting them into your place of business, then it’s probably okay to use them.

Just ask yourself: When was the last time you found yourself driving along singing a jungle or tune and decided that you’d head on over to the place of business that that tune belonged to, with the intent of buying something?

Probably never, right?

Jingles and slogans do work. There’s no question about it. For the specific job they’re intended, they do work.

But, as a business owner, you have to make the decision if you want to spend your money to accomplish that job. Or, if you would rather spend your money in a more productive, results-producing, profit-generating way.

Your ads, letters and promotional campaigns must be treated like commissioned employees. There has to be accountability if you want results, and want them cost-effectively.

You probably wouldn’t allow your best salesperson to call on your prospects or customers and sing a jingle, recite your slogan or motto, mention the name of your company and your phone number and then leave, would you?

Of course not.

Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

Yet day in and day out, you’ll see and hear that type of marketing from hundreds of businesses in the newspaper, in magazines, on radio and TV.

Remember, the ads you run and the letters you send out are nothing more than paper or electronic sales people.

What you expect from your human salespeople, you should also expect from your paper and electronic salespeople.

Your ads and letters should provide information about your products and services, make an enticing offer and give compelling reasons why the recipient should take action now. And remember our discussions about accountability and testing. Each ad should be able to be measured as to its effectiveness.

If they don’t pull like you think they should, then test another approach, and exchange the jingles and slogans for good solid reasons for your prospects to buy.

Lisa Ormenyessy

Business Coach and Marketing Specialist at

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Leo Eliades

Leo Eliades at Inspire Now Pty Ltd

great point Lisa, I have enjoyed the jingles but have never driven there. Benefits, Benefits...