Staff Management Within The Mining Industry

Team Management

Staff management is very central to the progress of any industry. This is because apart from the investments, the machines, personnel and other factors in the industry, management plays a big role to the success of an industry. Management is the co-coordinating and the organizing force that gets all the other elements in the industry or establishment moving and working in harmony. This moving or rather progress and working together in harmony will at the end of the day come out as the success or failure of an industry or an establishment. It is also important to point out that various industries or establishments have their own type of stress as well as demands.

Mining industry is one of the industries fraught with challenges ranging from the personnel welfare to the general running of the structures under it. Mining industry is in itself a production industry and this means various directly quantifiable aspects are under keen scrutiny. This calls for a high level of innovativeness and general idea marketing strategies. It is all about efficiency and success. Everything must be in good order, well planned and under control and above all the industries resources must also be in synchrony with all the other factors.

Inexperienced Staff Issue

Some of the challenges in the mining industry emanate from the proportions of the employees or personnel characteristics. Mining industry mostly makes use of largely inexperienced workers who come in thus at the entry level and they start getting training and experienced as they go on about their tasks. These tasks are generally tedious and may call for long hours of work. This brings about the various challenges emanating from the general stress on the workers side which spreads and can break down the management if the management especially if the management is not very stable.

Management  Challenges Overcoming 

To overcome these challenges in the mining industry and other types of industries, various practices may be used. This includes having a well laid down clear channels of communication. Management is all about policy formulation and implementation. It is about good decision making. All this is implemented by the workers below the management. The management should therefore communicate very clearly to the workers, make sure the workers have understood what is required of them and also look into the workers reactions and find the harmony ground.

It also helps if these expectations are mad measurable since mining industry just any other industries are all about productivity. Measurable expectations ultimately influence performance since levels and certain quantifiable qualities will remain as an underlying mark to all the employees' undertakings in the mining industry. Supporting the employees in the course of these strategies also influences the performance. Above all these the equipment must and other machines must be in good working order since they determine the efficiency and levels of production.

Lastly, turning round control such that it is on the side of the workers work very well in that the general control to be exercised by the management will work so well without seeming too intrusive since the workers will control themselves and the management can just do the work of supervision

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