No more 9-5: How franchising is helping families strike a new balance


One of the most difficult tasks for women and men of today’s generation is returning to work after taking time off to raise children. Not only because there is a gaping hole in their resume, but because detaching themselves from their children’s lives can be very difficult.

Benefits of Franchising

One solution for parents looking to venture back into the workplace is franchising. This offers the option to call the shots and be your own boss, as well as the appeal of flexible hours.

Michelle Bowman, Vikki Colios, and David O’Heare are three people who have chosen franchising for the family balance it provides.

Given appealing factors such as flexible hours, social interaction, working with a friendly team and being one’s own boss, franchising is an enticing option for many young families.

“I have three children between primary and high school and I decided I wanted some time for myself, whilst still having time to spend with them,” said Vikki.

“Since I started my own franchise business, I’ve been able to have a fulfilling day of work and still be able to pick up my kids from school.”

For Michelle Bowman who had been working in irrigation for 20 years, having a family was a catalyst for change.

“I decided I wanted to spend more time with my kids, whilst still earning money. That’s why I switched careers and managed to increase the time I get to spend with my family.”

Do what you enjoy

Whilst changing careers can seem like a daunting prospect, especially when you have dependents, making the transition doesn’t have to be difficult. Most franchises offer some kind of training course to get franchisees up to skill.

For example, becoming a barista after 20 years in irrigation seems like no easy feat, however nearly all franchises having training and launch programmes that help franchisees begin their business, and many have continued ongoing training, as well as sales, marketing, and tech support.

For David O’Heare, a conventional work life was never on the cards. Winning over 500 races in Australia and Asia as a champion jockey, then trading in the silks for mining, his career has been varied and eventful. When he and partner Jessica Webster started a family, the priority was being present in their family unit.

“We’re so happy to be our own boss and the flexibility that offers us. We opted for a franchise so we can work outdoors and create a happy work/life balance. We’re excited to build our business and spend more time with our young family.”

If you're considering purchasing a franchise, do your research and think about how you enjoy spending your days. Opt for something that really appeals to you and see if you can do trials for a few days to get a sense of what the work will be like.

If there is a great dog washing franchise opportunity around the corner from your house, but the thought of dealing with dogs isn't appealing, don't do it. It may seem like simple advice, but enjoying what you do day to day will play a huge role in your job satisfaction. 

John Stanton

at Cafe2U Australia

As the Australasian franchise recruitment manager for mobile coffee franchise, Cafe2U, I am passionate about helping people become successful small business owners, no matter what their working background is.